Our Top 10 Favourite Days In Europe

We just spent an unforgettable four months in Europe exploring Italy, HungarySlovakiathe Czech RepublicCroatiaSlovenia, the UK and Iceland

Every day we made a travel vlog, and we've just hit the 200 daily vlog mark. So just like when we made our first 100 daily vlogs and celebrated by writing this post: Our Top 10 Favourite Days in ASIA, we're celebrating again with, you guessed it: Our Top 10 Favourite Days in EUROPE:

Here are our top 10 favourite days in Europe -including our vlog post from each day. 

1. Italy (day 109)

After 3 months in Asia we were looking forward to relaxing, eating delicious Italian food and catching up on work, which we did thanks to our lovely friends and super-fans Bob and Gina. Every day in Italy was perfect so we've chosen our vlog about a typical day in Italy. 

2. Budapest, Hungary (day 122)

After Italy we spent a month in our new favourite European city: BUDAPEST! We've picked our vlog about the cycle tour we took with Budapest Bike Breeze which, we think, gives a nice overview of the city.  

We worked with a lot of tour companies in Budapest and even volunteered with the homeless, to find out more see our post: the BEST of Budapest - the city of spas

3. Bratislava, Slovakia (day 131)

In the middle of our month stay in Budapest with Airbnb, we decided to take a bus trip up to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

This was the first time we'd been to Slovakia and we had an awesome 24 hours exploring the sights of the capital, Bratislava. We also stayed at the nicest hotel in Bratislava!

4. Prague, Czech Republic (day 133)

We spent three days exploring Prague, although the sights were kind of touristy, we absolutely loved meeting up with school friend TJ and our new friend the Garlic King. We also drank absinthe for the first time ANDDD bumped into the Governor from the walking dead!! 

5. Zagreb, Croatia (day 147)

We had a few days to spare between our Budapest stay and our Slovenia press trip, so we decided to do the logical thing and spend them in Zagreb. To give you a nice overview of the capital, we chose day 147 - the amazing tour we went on with Hello Zagreb. We also stayed at the first bnb in Zagreb!

6. Slovenia (days 151-162)

We spent 12 perfect days in Slovenia at the glamping camp Big Berry and because everyday was perfect we made one big compilation video about it. Slovenia really surprised us: it's beautiful, the food is great and the people are lovely. Find out more in one of our most popular posts: 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Slovenia

7. Venice (day 164)

After spending 12 days in Slovenia with a small handful of people we liked a lot, it was a bit of a shock visiting Venice because it was soo crowded with tourists! Venice is so pretty though it didn't matter and we had a great day finding the most beautiful book store ever. 

8. Brighton (day 166)

Having visited five new European countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia), Tanbay wasted no time in deciding that Brighton was the best place he'd visited all summer.. We did have a really great time there though, with special thanks to the most luxurious bnb in Brighton

9. Photo Shoot in London (day 187)

Travelling down to London to have a professional photoshoot with Pictrip was a real highlight of our days in Europe. It was so much fun and the photos are gorgeous!! We also wrote a blog post about our day: Pictrip the best photographers in London where you can see all of the pictures. 

It was also great to catch up with my lovely family and friends in the UK, special thanks to my mum and John for feeding us lots of yummy vegetarian food, and to Chloe and Jo for showing us Manchester!

10. Iceland (day 195)

This was our first trip to Iceland and hopefully not our last because it's the most unique and one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen. There's a reason everyone raves about Iceland! 

Although we loved spending our first day at the Blue Lagoon it was actually the second day that was our favourite where we explored the Golden Circle with our rental car! Special thanks to Minniborgir Cottages for hosting us and my sister for navigating.

So there you have it, our top 10 vlogs from our latest 100 days of travelling. If you enjoyed them and have a google account, do subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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