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1. Pictrip London Vacation Photographers

The eternal problem for couple travellers: how do you take good photos of yourselves together when you're on vacation? We've been together for ten years and have been travelling together for the last three, the struggle is real. We've tried the self-timer:
western australia photo
Bad self-time photo in Western Australia 

We always end up with a weird angle and/or too far away. So we've tried the selfie, too:
selfies around europe
Awkward arm selfies in Prague, Athens and Rome

We always have that good old awkward arm in it. So finally, we've tried asking random people:

angkor wat sunrise cambodia
Asking a randomer at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Who always make us look awkward, bad random people. So what's the solution? How can you get professional photos to properly document your vacation and be the keepsakes of your dream trip that you actually deserve?

2. Enter Pictrip: London Vacation Photographers

pictrip photography london

Pictrip pairs you with a photographer who guides you round the city and takes photos for you. This way you are guaranteed to have photos of your dream trip that you can treasure forever (and more importantly, show off with on Instagram). Your photographer will not only be a hand-picked professional, but also a local: this ensures that your photos will have insider's knowledge - they'll know all the off-the-beaten-path places and if you want to be in a really touristy spot (like we did) they will know the best angles. Pictrip is based in the UK with professional photographers ready for you in London, Paris, Venice, Dublin, Milan, Nice, Barcelona, Lake Como, Monaco, Rome, New York, San Fran, LA, Toronto, Boston, Vancouver, Dubai, Sydney and Melbourne. If your dream location isn't listed, contact Pictrip anyway as they may still be able to help! We met up with these Vacation Photographers in London and this is what we thought:

3. Our Review of Pictrip

couples photographer london

Before London Vacation Photography shoot

Before the shoot we exchanged a few emails with Jess, who was very nice. She gave us a few suggestions as to where we could have the shoot in London and even showed us some samples of previous shoots in those locations. Once the location, date and time had been confirmed, Pictrip sent us our confirmation email which was one of the best, if not the best, we've ever seen. Firstly, everything (time, date etc) was laid out very clearly. Secondly, they included a photo of our photographer, Ian, to make it easy for us to recognise him. Thirdly, and this was our favourite bit, they sent us a dropped pin so we knew the exact location of our meeting!! Too often have we been told to meet 'at the entrance of the airport' or the 'exit to the train station' or 'underneath the subway sign' there's always a problem with this, be it with professionals or close friends: people rely far too much on calling you on a mobile nowadays, something that's not that useful to us as we don't carry a mobile. Anyway, we were thrilled with our dropped pin and excited for our shoot.

The London Vacation Photography shoot itself

pictrip london photography

On the day of the shoot we were astounded by the weather, we don't think we've ever seen it sunny in London and it was so sunny!!! We found the dropped pin location very easily (Jubilee Gardens under the London Eye) and instantly recognised Ian, partly because he was stood at our dropped pin and partly because we'd seen a photo of him in our confirmation email. Ian was absolutely lovely. Honestly, we're not exactly people people and it takes a special someone for us to warm to immediately, Ian was one of those people: he was funny, friendly, relaxed and above all professional.

anniversary engagement wedding

He started off by discussing the shoot with us and we all agreed that we'd like to get some natural, loving photographs. Our first shots were right under the London Eye, Ian asked us to jump in the air, which was a fun shot that made us feel relaxed:

london eye jump photography

We knew Ian was a great photographer because after less than two minutes, he found our favourite pose angle that had taken us about five years to work-out.

true love london
Aka the one where I look up adoringly at bae

Being a local, Ian knew all the hot-spots in London. We decided to go for typical touristy spots, as opposed to off-the-beaten-track places as we love sightseeing. Luckily, Ian knew the best ways to capture the touristy spots, without any other tourists!

engaged london eye
Have you ever seen the London Eye so quiet?!

We sat up on the wall next to the Thames just under the London Eye, people started looking at us at this point but it just made us feel fabulous!

couple engagement photo shoot london

And I fell head-over-heals in love with Ian at this point (platonically dw), because he was not only a perfect photographer, he was also the perfect bag-guard. Tanbay and I were walking around with our bags,  which we understandably didn't want in the photo, so Ian kept his eye on them. Now, I have 'mild' OCD when it comes to my bag - I like to keep an eye on it at all times and make sure it isn't lost. I don't trust anyone to look after my bag, because they won't do a good job - but Ian  really did!

london love pictrip

He was constantly aware of where the bags were and when two kids started backing up for a photo, not realising our bags were right behind them, Ian was right on it - pulling the bags safely out of the way. Only a parent who has witnessed someone saving their child from a fire can understand the gratitude I felt. It was the best. Okay maybe I wasn't that extreme, I don't actually know what it's like to have a child saved from a fire, or indeed what it's like to have a child.

london vacation photographers pictrip

Alongside being constantly vigilant of our bags, Ian was also permanently on the look out for cool shots and quirky angles. We crossed at the middle of Westminster bridge (don't do it kids, use the crossing) and he asked us stop in the middle of the road to take this lovely photo:

westminster bridge photo

Anyone that knows us can tell that the above photo is a real, natural smile from both of us - something that Ian was also an expert at getting out of us:

houses of parliament london
houses of parliament photography
london eye girl

This gave us time to do a bit of filming so we could include the shoot in our daily vlog:

Ian also gave us more than our allotted hour, which was very kind, and made sure he took some photos of us without sunnies. This was hard as it was such a bright day, but he pulled it off:

houses of parliament photography

We parted ways with Ian, feeling giddy, excited and confident that we had some beautiful shots. We stayed at the Artist Residence which is just a stone's throw from Westminster Abbey.

Receiving the photos

photo shoot london pictrip

Our shoot was on a Tuesday and we were pleasantly surprised to receive our photos by Saturday! This turn around is crazy-quick! We were sent a link and a password to a private gallery:

Here we could view, edit and download our photos. We were shocked, in a good way, to see that we loved every single photo!!!! It was impossible to choose our favourite for Instagram so in the end we went with the experts and chose the one Pictrip picked for a cover photo:

4. Wrap Up: Pictrip London Vacation Photographers Review

review pictrip is it good

All in all, we absolutely loved the entire London vacation photographer experience with Pictrip: the email contact beforehand was clear and concise, the shoot was fun and exciting and the photos themselves are our favourite photos of us ever!!

pictrip review travelling weasels

To book your own Pictrip to make your vacation photos incredible, head over to their website: pictrip.co.uk and find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Got a Pinterest wish-list/bucket-list board yet? Get pinning!

And for more tips and advice on travelling the world, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Pictrip, but as always all opinions are our own. We'd never recommend something we haven't personally tried and loved because that's not cool.

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