How to Look Good AND Save the World - Woodspex Sunglasses

save the world woodspex sunglasses

How to Look Good AND Save the World - Woodspex Sunglasses

Welcome to our Look Good and Save the World series. Today we are focussing on Woodspex

What do you mean look good AND save the world?
Let's face it, we can all do more to help our planet - climate change, animal rights, human rights: there's a lot that needs fixing. 

But we're not here to preach to you - we fly far too often to be deemed eco-warriors, but...

step quote

 We've made it our mission this year to take steps to become more environmentally-friendly and more ethical. One of these steps is to work with eco-friendly brands. 

As for looking good, why shouldn't you look good whilst saving the world? Long gone are the days of smelly hippies being the only eco-warriors out there, thanks to many new and innovative companies, looking good can go hand-in-hand with being environmental, and we couldn't be happier. 

Introducing Woodspex

Woodspex are a UK-based lifestyle brand who are dedicated to creating stylish, durable and eco-friendly wooden sunglasses, all whilst making a positive impact on the planet. 

Save the world - Woodspex are fighting against: 

facts about deforestation

The facts:
save the world reforestation
Photo Credit: Matt Zimmerman

According to Greenpeace, climate change and deforestation are tightly entwined:

deforestation climate change
'Climate change is in part caused by forest loss, which is part caused by climate change, which is in part caused by forest loss.' Source: Greenpeace

Forests remove the harmful greenhouse gases from our air - something they can't do when they're pulled down. 

According to Nature Geoscience,  forest loss contributes between six and twelve percent of all annual CO2 emissions globally.

Save the world - Woodspex sunglasses
So what are Woodspex doing to help? 

Woodspex has partnered with Eden Projects who focus on reforestation projects in developing countries.

Furthermore, for every pair of sunglasses that Woodspex sell, they fund the planting of ten trees in countries like Ethiopia, Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal. 

Look good - Woodspex sunglasses: 
Whilst making a positive impact on the planet is clearly Woodspex's priority, it doesn't mean they've neglected their other aim: creating stylish sunglasses. Far from it actually, as these sunglasses are modish.

Woodspex offer 38 different styles, some for women, some for men, some unisex and all beautiful. 

We tried out a Grove I and a Gaia IV and this is what we thought: 

Review of Woodspex Sunglasses:
pictrip woodspex
Photo Credit: Pictrip

Our Woodspex sunglasses arrived the day after we'd ordered them, which was impressive! I mean sure, they are based in the UK and we were in the UK at the time, but everyone from the UK knows next day delivery is sadly becoming a distant memory. 

For those not in the UK, don't worry, they offer free shipping world-wide!
woodspex grove I
Photo Credit: Woodspex

Tanbay tried the Grove I which are classic wayfarer design, made of solid wood (duwood) with grey polarised UV400 lenses. They are designed to look good on any face shape:

woodspex grove I

He really loves the fact that they are ultra-lightweight in his hand yet still protect against UV. He also loves the colour and that they go with any outfit - casual or smart.

I chose the Gaia IV which have large circular lenses and a half rim frame. They have bamboo arms, a black polycarbonate frame and turquoise iridescent UV400 lenses. 
gaia IV woodspex
Photo Credit: Woodspex

I love how stylish mine look and the colour. Like Tanbay, I also like the fact that mine are lightweight yet still really protective against the sun - ever had sunglasses that still make you squint when it's sunny? Woodspex aren't like those.

gaia IV woodspex puzzle wood

But what I love the most is how things can be reflected in my sunnies, be it London buses: 

Ancient churches:
gaia IV woodspex

Or puddin' himself: 
woodspex london

The Woodspex come in a cute bamboo box which keeps them safe from scratches and is just a nice touch: 
woodspex bamboo box
Photo credit: woodspex

woodspex review
We loved wearing our Woodspex in Iceland

All in all, we absolutely love our Woodspex sunglasses. They're super-stylish, durable and we love Woodspex's goal and vision. 

woodspex review

To find out more, head over to Woodspex's website: and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook

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woodspex review

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Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were provided complimentary glasses in return for an honest review, but as always all opinions are our own. We'd never recommend anything we haven't personally tried, used and researched throughly because that's not very cool. 

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