The Hoxton, Shoreditch

The Hoxton, Shoreditch is a hip and trendy hotel in East London. 

Set in a great location with free wifi and comfortable beds, the Hoxton Shoreditch has everything you need for the perfect stay in London.

We stayed for one night and this is what we thought:

Check-in was quick and hassle free, the staff were really friendly and super helpful. They told us all about breakfast, wifi and our room. 

We really liked the check-in area, which was filled with cool books (including plenty of London guide books) and, perhaps best of all, a photo booth!

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Our Room
We entered our room and were met with cool relaxing music from the cute radio. 

Our room was fully equipped and stylishly decorated. Everything in the fridge was free, as was the tea and coffee - and the coffee came in a coffee bag! Almost exactly like a tea bag but with coffee in it. It was delicious, so much nicer than instant coffee, but without the hassle of filters. We couldn't believe we'd never seen this before, it makes so much sense!

The room also had beautiful Hoxton Shoreditch mugs which was a really nice touch.

The bed was unbelievably comfy and had woollen cushions and blankets which, along with a fun pillow, gave a really homey feel. 

The bed was so comfortable and the curtains blacked out the room perfectly, which led to a full night's sleep for me. This usually never happens when I stay somewhere new so I was very impressed. 

Dotted around the hotel and in our room were lots of books for us to choose from, again this gave the impression that we were back home - perfect for our trip back to England!

The phone in our room (or should I say dog and bone) gave complimentary calls to anywhere in the world! 

The shower was perfect too, with the best water pressure we've had in Europe. 

Finally we had the biggest television in our room! 

The Hoxton, Shoreditch is perfectly located. It's just a two minute walk from Old Street underground station, which will take you anywhere in London. Alternatively, a steady flow of taxis are available just outside the Hoxton. 

Shoreditch is known for being exciting and trendy. With its tasty restaurants and alternative shops, Shoreditch is very popular among foodies and fashionistas. Thus, you will find all the coolest bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and markets within a stone's throw from the Hoxton Shoreditch. 

The Hoxton Grill downstairs is known for good food and cool cocktails. We fancied seeing a little more of Shoreditch though, so on recommendation from the Hoxton Shoreditch we took a nice stroll down to the Owl and the Pussycat and had a glass of wine followed by good old British chips on the way home. 

The Hoxton Shoreditch actually had a great list of local restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and shops for us to try out, along with a handy map. This was a great touch, we love having tips from locals to make us feel like we know the area! 

There are two options for breakfast: a full English or a healthier option in bed. We went for breakfast in bed (of course) and enjoyed orange juice, granola, yoghurt, a banana and fresh coffee. 

Further information
Alongside our blog, we also make daily YouTube videos, check out day 165 for a tour of our room at the Hoxton Shoreditch. 

All in all, we really enjoyed our stay at the Hoxton Shoreditch, everything was really comfy and just so stylish! We definitely recommend that you check out Shoreditch when you come to London, and you have to stay with the Hoxton Shoreditch whilst you're there!

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Over to you: what's your favourite area in London? 

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited to the Hoxton, Shoreditch in return for an honest review. As always all opinions are our own and we would never recommend anything we haven't tried and loved ourselves. 

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