Why All Travellers Should Carry A Solid Shampoo Bar

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Why All Travellers Should Carry a Solid Shampoo Bar 

Ostensibly, Solid Shampoo Bars sound like a dream come true, and not just for travellers.

Advantages of a Solid Shampoo Bar
  • No more spills
  • No more liquid restrictions
  • Longer lasting than the average liquid bottle (approx. 80-100 washes)!
  • Less plastic 

We tried a Tropical Coconut Solid Shampoo Bar from Holi-Bobs.com and this is what we thought:

Initial Impression
holi-bobs shampoo bar

The Tropical Coconut Solid Shampoo Bar came in the post within two days. In the package, was a cute little business card and of course the shampoo bar: 95g of coconut smelling goodness. And it really did smell so good! I could even smell it through the packaging. My initial thought was: 'I can't wait for my hair to smell like this!'

My second thought though was: 'oh it's such a shame it's packaged in plastic'. I really don't like plastic, it's bad for the environment and one of the main reasons I wanted to start using solid shampoo was to use less plastic (i.e. the bottle the shampoo comes in). 

However, a) the plastic on the holi-bob's shampoo bar was so much less than the plastic that comes with a shampoo bottle and don't forget shampoo bars give you a lot more washes than bottled shampoo. 

And b) I read that you should take the plastic off  the holi-bob solid shampoo bar to wash your hair, and then put it back on afterwards so you don't get shampoo bar on your clothes - this makes so much sense!!! 

solid shampoo bar ingredients no sls

Next up I had a look at the ingredients. I was so pleased to read that it's SLS free. SLS = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which, according to Lush, is possibly carcinogenic*, has a potentially toxic effect on aquatic organisms and there's a minimal risk of skin irritation. 

*Nitrosamines are an occasional byproduct of the sulphation process, approximately 90% of which are carcinogenic. 

So you can see why we were glad that Holi-bob's Coconut Solid Shampoo Bars are SLS free! 

holi-bobs review

As for Holi-bobs themselves, they are an online shop who specialise in supplying all your travel products from one place. For those who don't like hassle and/or like to leave things to the last minute we think this is an excellent idea! 

must pack travel

You can find everything you need for your trip on their site - no matter if it's just for the weekend or for a round-the-world trip, they have everything from sun protection to eye masks, from skin care to hair care. 

Using the Solid Shampoo Bar
solid shampoo bar how to
After admiring the smell, reading the ingredients and taking a billion photos for you guys (aka getting the perfect one for our Instagram)... I finally (the next day) got round to using the shampoo!

I was extremely excited to start smelling like a tropical-coconut-mermaid-princess, and curious to see how it would work:

How to use a Solid Shampoo Bar
using solid shampoo bar

I carefully opened up the bar, making sure I didn't tear the plastic wrapping so I could reuse it later.

Then I jumped in the shower and wet my hair as per usual. I then tried two different techniques with the solid shampoo bar - lathering it up in my hands to spread on my head, and simply trying to lather it up straight on my head. 

I found that the former option worked much better - which is the way I would usually use liquid shampoo. 

I also found that although the shampoo bar took a little longer to lather up than liquid shampoo, once it got going, it produced lots and lots of bubbles. 

 It cleaned out really easily.

solid shampoo bar

I didn't use conditioner because I wanted to see how the solid shampoo bar held up by itself. Honestly I didn't have very high expectations, as whenever I use just liquid shampoo and no conditioner, my hair is really dry and brittle. 

solid shampoo bar review holi-bobs

So I was super impressed when I found that my hair felt soft and smooth when it dried, as if I'd used conditioner!! And of course, my hair smelt coconut-y too.

Further Information
To find out more, check out our daily vlog:

solid shampoo bar review holi bobs

All in all, I love my Tropical Coconut Solid Shampoo Bar I love the smell, and I can't wait to see how many washes I'll get out of it! 

I fell in love with the bar before I'd even used it because of how convenient it is for travellers (no more liquids, lasts a lot longer, less plastic etc). So the fact that it left my hair smooth, soft and smelling great were excellent bonuses!

To get your own bar, head on over to www.holi-bobs.com or find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

And to keep up with our own adventures follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!! 

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Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were offered a complimentary bar in return for an honest review. As always all opinions are our own and we'd never recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved! 

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