Studio Kairos, the First BnB in Zagreb!

Studio Kairos was the first ever Bed & Breakfast in Zagreb. Winner of TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice Award and with awards on, it combines comfort, good location and chic to make one of the most boutique and welcoming places we've ever stayed at. We stayed for two nights and this is what we thought: 

1. Welcome

We had a fab welcome and were impressed that the lovely lady on reception knew who we were! Aside from making us feel like superstars, she also showed us round our room and the kitchen, and gave us a guide book, an insider guide and a map of Zagreb. She also marked our map with the best places to eat, to have coffee, and the must-see sights!

2. Location

Studio Kairos is perfectly located to see the said sights, just a ten minute walk from Zagreb Cathedral, St Mark's Church and other beauties in Zagreb:

Studio Kairos is only a 20 minute walk from Zagreb train station and a 15 minute walk from Zagreb bus station. It's also close to some super restaurants: Studio Kairos's own Vagabund - voted as the #1 restaurant in Zagreb, and Vegehope - a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with the best coconut rum cake ever.  

3. Our Room

Studio Kairos offer four different rooms: Crafts' Room, Music Room, Granny's Room and Writer's Room. We stayed in the Crafts' Room and it had the cutest knick-knacks: old sewing machines and radios which gave the place a really cute, homely feel: 

We also really loved the desk lamp: there was a bulb and half a lamp head situated very close to the wall, and the body of the lamp had simply been painted onto the wall - very cool! Our bed was really comfortable and the shower was perfect, it had both a detachable shower head and a massive shower head above. 

4. The Internet 

The internet gets its own special heading because it was incredible! It was super fast even when we were using three devices, and even when we were using those devices to FaceTime and upload videos and photos at the same time! 

5. Breakfast

Seeing as this was the first BnB in Zagreb and BnB stands for bed and breakfast, we had high expectations for breakfast and we weren't disappointed! We started off with fresh delicious coffee, followed by bread with jam, marmalade, nutella, honey or fresh cheese. The fresh cheese was local and absolutely divine. Next up were scrambled eggs which were incredible, they were actually the best scrambled eggs we've ever had (sorry mum)!! 

There were also cereals and meat options too. We really loved our breakfasts at Studio Kairos, they were really delicious and we felt like we were having them in the cosy kitchen of a friend or relative: 

6. Wrap Up: Studio Kairos, the First BnB in Zagreb

All in all, we loved our stay at Studio Kairos, it was homely and relaxing and the staff went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. We'd highly recommend that you stay with them when you visit Zagreb - we'll definitely be coming back next time we're in town! Make sure you follow Studio Kairos on Facebook and TwitterTo book your own room head over Agoda. And for more of our adventures around Europe, follow us on Facebook and Twitter too! To see more of our time at Studio Kairos, check out our daily vlog number 146:

Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Studio Kairos, but as always all opinions are our own. We love travel and want to make sure you have the best trip you possibly can, hence we never recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved. 

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