Review: Pavillon D'Orient, Siem Reap

Pavillon D'Orient is the absolute perfect hotel for visiting the most famous site in Cambodia: Angkor Wat.

Sunrise Angkor Wat

But it's not just that, when you're taking a break from the temples, Pavillon D'Orient is also the perfect place to relax with two pools, amazing masseurs, talented chefs and tranquil surroundings.

pool pavillion d'orient

We stayed for two nights and this is what we thought:

The room
Pavillon D'Orient Room

Our room was perfect, with a massive bed, gigantic shower room, cute lounge area and a great pool-view balcony. We were pleased to see lots of anti mozzie measures (Cambodia being a high risk malaria country): a mosquito net over our bed, anti mosquito incense on the balcony in case we wanted to sit outside. And not a mozzie in sight!

Each night a note was hung on our door containing a sweet Cambodian story which was a really nice touch. 

Every day we would also receive fresh fruit and water. 

The massage
We enjoyed a 60 minute massage and it was fantastic! The massage room is really tranquil, the beds are very comfy and afterwards you can enjoy a hot drink. 

The breakfast
Pavillon D'Orient Breakfast

This was hands down the best breakfast we've ever had in South East Asia. You start off with homemade yoghurt and fresh juice, and then enjoy an egg cooked to your preference (scrambled, fried, omelette etc) with croissants. There is also a buffet of cakes, breads, cereals, coffee, juices, jams. But, best of all, they have Marmite!!

The restaurant
Pavillon D'Orient Restaurant

We tried breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurant and all were delicious! One of our favourite things was that we could even have the food in our room, we love room service!

The pools
Pavillon D'Orient Pool

Pavillon D'Orient has not one, but two beautiful pools. The pools are surrounded by lush nature, mango trees and song birds! 

Pavillon D'Orient second Pool

When we visited, the average temperature in Cambodia was around 40 degrees (Celsius). I can't tell you how refreshing it was to dip in those pools after a sweaty afternoon of temple exploring.

Drinks and snacks are served poolside. 

The tuk tuk
Talking of the temples, those of you that book online will get a free tuk tuk with a driver for your stay! This was such an asset! Ours took us to and from the temples all day, and even picked us up at 5am to see the sunrise. He also brought a cooler, so we could enjoy cold water throughout the day. 

We were really glad we didn't have to organise our own tuk tuk for the day. Cambodia is affectionately known as 'Scambodia' and we really noticed this each time we didn't take hotel tuk tuks: people were constantly trying to overcharge us,  and thus it was always an exhausting experience. 

So having a tuk tuk driver who is associated with the hotel was a real blessing, and definitely helped make our visit to Angkor Wat extra special. 

The best hotel for visiting Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat Siem Reap

In addition to the Pavillon D'Orient providing tuk tuk drivers, there are lots of other reasons we named them 'Best Hotel to Visit Angkor Wat from': 

When we arrived at Pavillon D'Orient, we were presented with a map of Angkor Wat and even a guide book. The guide book was available for the duration of our stay (and we could purchase it afterwards if we wanted to take it with us). 

Sunset Angkor Wat

Having this guide book for our stay was perfect; the temples are so extensive, you'll want more information than Wikipedia has to offer, but you won't want to be carting a book round for your whole SE Asia trip! Hence it was very thoughtful of the Pavillon D'Orient to make this available to us. 

Angkor Wat Temple

The staff at reception were really knowledgable about Angkor Wat and always available to answer our questions. We thought we'd have to go out and get our tickets the evening before we saw the sunrise, but they said it would be fine to get them on the way (and they were right).

Angkor Wat Temple

It really felt like everything, even things we hadn't thought of ourselves, had been thought about by the staff: for example, when we said we'd like to go and see the sunrise, they asked if we'd like them to arrange a packed breakfast, or if we'd prefer to come back to the hotel for breakfast! a) we hadn't even thought about breakfast and b) if we had, we'd have assumed we'd have to get something tasteless and overpriced at the temples. We are so grateful that the Pavillon D'Orient's staff were there to help us out!

Even the location of the hotel is perfect - only ten minutes from the temples!

Further information
Pavillon D'Orient features in our daily vlog, check out day 82 for a tour of our room:

And day 83 to see the breakfast:

As you can probably tell, we absolutely LOVED our stay at the Pavillon D'Orient and highly recommend that you stay with them. When we came to Siem Reap we were mainly thinking about Angkor Wat, and not a lot else. Pavillon D'Orient did everything we could think of, and more, to make sure our Angkor Wat was unmissable. 

Additionally, they also made sure that the non-temple parts of our stay were relaxing and memorable too! They truly went the whole mile. 

You can find Pavillon D'Orient on their website: and Facebook. They are also on Tripadvisor and Agoda, but don't forget if you book directly with them, you get the free tuk tuk driver!!!

And to keep up with our own world-wide adventures, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat!

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Pavillon D'Orient, but as always all opinions are our own. We would never recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved because that's not cool! 

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