Our Top 10 Favourite Days in South-East Asia

We just spent an unforgettable 3 months in South-East Asia, exploring Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and parts of the fabulous Philippines. Whilst we're by no means experts on Asia, and there is still so much to see, we nevertheless visited some places you absolutely must visit when you come to South-East Asia. 

Before we left for SE Asia, we decided to start making daily video blogs of our travels every day on YouTube. 

Here are our top 10 favourite days in South-East Asia - including our vlog post from each day:

1. Maya Beach, Phi Phi Island, Thailand (day 15)

Maya Beach on Ko Phi Phi Leh Island is the infamous beach from the film 'The Beach'. 

Whilst the beach itself was rife with tourists trying to take the perfect Instagram photo this was still one of absolute favourite days: we snorkelled in the super-clear ocean, we saw cute monkeys and we learnt that luxury cruises are our thing (who knew)! 

2.  Wat Saket, Bangkok, Thailand (day 5)

Wat Saket (the Golden Mount) is a Buddhist temple in the centre of Bangkok. Climb the many, many steps for the best views of Bangkok and to see the awe-inspiring golden mountain.

We were blown away by Bangkok, as we'd wrongly assumed we weren't going to like it very much. When we went to Wat Saket we were finally over our jetlag and already in love with Bangkok, though Wat Saket definitely helped seal the deal.

3. Shangri-La, Singapore (day 28)

The Shangri-La is a 5 star hotel in Singapore which is consistently voted as one of the best hotels in the world. 

We spent a whole day (and night) here and it was absolutely incredible, and more luxurious than we could have ever imagined. 

4. Kayaking around El Nido, Palawan, Philippines (day 33)

El Nido, Palawan, the Philippines is the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines, according to CNN (and the Travelling Weasels)!

Although there are many boat tours on offer around El Nido (called the ABCD tours) we wanted to try something a lot more private, so we rented kayaks and went off to discover deserted beaches, we were not disappointed! This was one of our most favourite days in the Philippines. 

5. Pinagbuyutan Island, Palawan, Philippines (day 36)

Pinagbuyutan Island is a tiny island off the coast of Palawan, the Philippines. 

We teamed up with Sabrina and Güçlü from justonewayticket.com and bartered our way onto the island. It was a great day: getting to hang out in the perfect Philippines with our travel blogging inspirations. 

6. Walking tour, Hanoi, Vietnam (day 62)

Hanoi Street Food Tour voted #1 of 130 Food and Drink in Hanoi, lets you see and eat like a true Hanoian. 

Pretty much every dish we had in South-East Asia was delicious, but Vietnamese cuisine was our absolute favourite. Food touring round Hanoi with a local guide was the perfect way to celebrate that. 

7. Home Cooking Class, Vietnam (day 63)

A Home Cooking Class with Vietnam Awesome Travel is an entire day of excitement: not only will you cook and eat the food (of course) you will also get to barter at a local market and learn all about Vietnamese food.

Some might say that given that we only had four days in Hanoi, spending two of them on food related activities was a mistake, they would be wrong! The Home Cooking Class was so different from the Walking Food Tour, though it was just as delicious and enjoyable. 

8. Songkran, Chiang Mai, Thailand (day 65)

Songkran is the New Year Festival in Thailand and is celebrated with thousands of water fights. 

We spent Songkran in Chiang Mai and it was so much fun! We loved Chiang Mai and pretty much everyday there was fantastic, but Songkran was the best, well second best after...

9. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chiang Mai, Thailand (day 69)

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an ethical eco-tourism project near Chiang Mai and one of the only ways to connect with these beautiful creatures in SE Asia in a non-cruel way. 

This was probably my favourite day in our 3 month trip. After an appalling ride there (super-windy, super-bumpy, super-dusty), we finally got to meet elephants face to face. We fed them, bathed them and even went in a mud bath with them! Our favourite part was feeding them, which you can see in this video.

10. Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia (day 83)

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. Originally a Hindu Temple, it slowly transformed into a Buddhist temple.

After many scams at the Thai/Cambodian boarder, we were kind of negative about Cambodia. This quickly changed once we'd seen the sunrise (and sunset) at Angkor Wat. This is one of those overly tourist events that's still definitely worth going to, the atmosphere was lovely and we'd go again. 

So there you have it, our top 10 favourite days in South-East Asia. If you liked what you saw here, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel youtube.com/travellingweasels, where we make daily videos of our travels!

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TELL US: have you done any of these activities? Which was your favourite? Did we miss anything off the list?

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