The Linden Suites Review

The Linden Suites offer world class accommodation. They have twelve types of suite fully equipped with dining and kitchen facilities, perfect for business, couple and solo travellers, families, groups and long-term guests. 

The Linden Suites won Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence 2015 and boasts all-day dining, an indoor pool, fully equipped gym and saunas!

We stayed for two nights and this is what we thought:

Pick-up and check-in
Our pick-up was punctual and our driver was very polite. The RV was air-conditioned and super comfy. 

Check-in was swift and we received a warm welcome. Note: you must walk through a metal detector before entering the lobby, which kind of surprised us, but made us feel that the hotel takes the guests' safety very seriously. 


Our suite can be described in one word: GIGANTIC! There was a kitchen, living room, bedroom, two massive closets and a bathroom with shower and bath (most Filipino hotels don't come with a bath). 

The kitchen was fully equipped and trust us, that's a BIG luxury. Having been away from House Sitting for over 50 days, we are really starting to appreciate having a kitchen on the road. Especially in Asia where the basics to make sandwiches and pastas are available, but not possible to assemble in a hotel or a hostel (usually). 

The sitting room had a gigantic TV with all the good cable channels (i.e. HBO). It also had a super comfy sofa, two comfy chairs and a super suave desk. 

Our bedroom also had a TV and a desk, and was somehow soundproofed from the living room. The bedroom was connected to a corridor with two of the biggest closets I've ever seen in a hotel.

Which were then connected to a spacious bathroom. As mentioned before, this bathroom came with a bath which really surprised us (three weeks in the Philippines and this was the first bath we'd seen). 

We were really pleased to have lunch with the Director of Sales & Marketing and the Sales Manager. They were both lovely and they taught us a lot about the hotel: it was opened in 2000, and some of the long-term residents have been living at the Linden Suites ever since! 

There are two presidential suites, one of which has had a long-term guest for over a year. 

The Linden Suites is mainly used for business clients and long-term stays. 

We had the lunch meeting at the Linden Suites' very own Mesclun Restaurant & Cafe. The food was incredible, by far our favourite meal that we had in the Philippines.

We started with a Power Shake (lettuce, apple) which was divine:

Next up was an amazing smoked salmon salad:

Then came the main: we had guava pork Philippine adobo. 

Adobo is kind of the unofficial dish of the Philippines, and is basically meat/seafood/veg (in this case pork and guava) marinated in soy sauce and garlic and then browned in oil. It was even more delicious than it sounds, the pork melted in our mouths and the guava gave it a great tangy edge.

Next up was a Bangose Sisig:

Sizzling sisig is another great Filipino dish made from pig's head and liver, seasoned in calamansi and chilli and topped with an egg. The sisig we had came with a bit of a twist - it was with bangose fish instead of pig. 

All in all, the lunch was delectable and the best meal we had in the Philippines. 

Another thing we recommend you do when at the Linden Suites is to have a full body massage, because we did and it was the best massage we had in South East Asia! 

An added bonus was that they actually did the massage in our room, so we could go straight to sleep afterwards! 

Pool and sauna
The pool and sauna were great. The pool is temperature controlled, really long and has a beautiful faux waterfall. 

There are two saunas (men and women go separately). We usually have a problem here, because we go in our separate saunas and then don't know how long we've been in there and one of us invariably leaves earlier than the other, and has to wait. But this was not the case at the Linden Suites, they'd very cleverly thought to put clocks outside the saunas, so you could see them through the door. 

Breakfast at the Linden Suites is buffet style and extensive in it's selection.

Fresh eggs can be ordered in any style you fancy, we went for an omelette and it was delicious. We also tried the fruit, juices, coffee, cereals, toasts, bacon and the macaroni which were all great. They also offer Filipino options. 

The presents
The Linden Suites went above and beyond to welcome us and far exceeded our expectations. 

When we arrived we were presented with two complimentary massages, which was very kind. 

About 30 minutes after we'd checked in, our doorbell rung (yes these places are so big they have doorbells) and a cake arrived with a bottle of sauvignon blanc!

The cake read 'Welcome to the Linden Suites Travelling Weasels' and was a creme brulee cake! Sauvignon blanc also happens to be my favourite white wine. This was incredible!

At breakfast we were served fruit platters which were amazingly set out.

If that all wasn't enough (which it was) we also got a card directly from the General Manager, with a very thoughtful present: two traditional mugs and two models of traditional Filipino transport! 

The Linden Suites knew that it was our 10 year anniversary and they did everything possible to celebrate with us. 

More information
We did two vlog posts when we were at the Linden Suites: 

As you can probably tell, we LOVED our stay at the Linden Suites. The suites are luxurious and equipped with everything you need, the restaurant serves the best food in the Philippines, and above all the staff went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend that you stay here. 

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