Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi

Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi

Do you fancy having a day in authentic Thailand, far from the touristy areas, exploring nature and avoiding big group activities?? Well of course you do!

Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi

Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi Thailand

Tree Top Adventure Park is a zip-lining and rock climbing adventure course in the middle of a hidden tropical forest and limestone valley. 

Tree Top Adventure Park Thailand

Here you can balance yourself through an assortment of games and obstacles such as rope bridges, tightropes:

rope walking krabi thailand

flying bicycles, monkey bars:

air surfing, flying skateboards, spider webs, broomsticks(!), rock climbing: 

zip lining and an assortment of cool bridges:

All whilst wearing state of the art equipment. Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi is actually very focused on safety:

1. Safety

Before you can start the course, you are given an excellent safety briefing on how to use the equipment. This is then reinforced on a practice course, very close to the ground. This introduction works really well, some people like to be told instructions, and other people like to be shown them - Tree Top Adventure Park caters for both.

There are double slings on your harness to ensure that you are always attached to the safety line. This is really important, we've been on one adventure course in the past (in Germany) where there was only on sling, which meant that on certain points of the course you were not attached!!  Tree Top Adventure Park knows that this is a serious risk and thus they make sure you have two. 
A couple of qualified instructors supervised us throughout the activities. They were perfect - we didn't feel like they were 'in the way'  but they were always definitely aware and made sure you were safe. 

2. Location

Although we were looking forward to our trip with Tree Top Adventure Park, we were slightly worried about the heat. As we were in Krabi in February, the average temperature was 35 degrees Celsius, and we were barely walking down the street without sweating and needing a lie down: how were we going to climb around for half a day?! Luckily, Tree Top Adventure Park has it covered - literally! - it is ideally located: almost hidden by a dense jungle canopy and surrounded by immense limestone cliffs (called karsts). 

The dense canopy is perfect, it's ridiculously beautiful, it's the place to catch a glimpse of monkeys and as the hot sun isn't able to blaze down on you, it means that it's cool enough for you to start climbing. 

It really made the temperature very comfortable, and we considered coming back another day just to hang out! Once you reach the higher climbing levels though, you are able to break through the canopy and be rewarded with the fabulous views: 

3. The Courses

There are 4 courses: Easy, Intermediate, Fly High Challenge and Exercise Challenge. So there really is something for everyone - from adrenaline junkies to those who are petrified of heights. The 4 courses are well laid out, all start and finish at the 'centre' so you can relax between climbs, take a sip of water and even have some snacks. Thai lunch, drinking water, fruit snacks and round trip transfer to your hotel are included in both the half day and full day courses. The Thai lunch was both filling and delicious:

Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi Lunch

4. But What if You are Scared of Heights?

Whilst the easy course is well, easy, Tree Top Adventure Park quickly gets higher and higher and becomes more thrilling and exciting:

But if you, like me, are scared of heights, this is still the perfect place for you to go: It's a safe environment where you can start to combat your fears. The staff are very patient and kind and will help you work through it. And trust me, when you reach the end you will be very proud:

Tree Top Adventure Park Exercise Challenge

5. Wrap Up: Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi

All in all we absolutely loved our half day with Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi. It was great to combine the stunning jungle with such a fun activity. What we found most impressive though were the staff: they are some of the friendliest, most lovely people we met in Krabi and helped make this day one of our absolute highlights of our trip to Thailand. You can find Tree Top Adventure Park on their website - -  via email - And to keep up to date with our other adventures, do like our Facebook, follow our Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our new YouTube Channel... Weasel squad, meet Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi:

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests as Tree Top Adventure Park. However, all opinions are our own and we would never recommend anything we haven't tried and loved. 

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