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Marina Bay Sands Presidential Suite

The Marina Bay Sands is so grand and so luxurious that it's become one of Singapore's most famous landmarks, if not the most famous landmark in Singapore.  

Thus, the Marina Bay Sands is on everyone's Singapore Bucket list. Whether it's swimming in their rooftop Infinity Pool, getting the best view of Singapore from their Observation Deck, actually staying in one of their luxurious rooms or just capturing a photo from the outside, everyone wants to experience the Marina Bay Sands in some way or another and we were no exception.

Travelling Weasels were invited to check out one of Marina Bay Sands most prestigious rooms; the Presidential Suite, and this is what we thought:

1. It's luxurious 

The Marina Bay Sands' Presidential Suite was extremely luxurious. Not only do you have your own butler team, but they have their own separate entrance (so you don't need to open the door when entertaining guests).

Speaking of guests, there is more than enough room to entertain them, with an eight person dining table: 

But our favourite luxury item definitely has to be the baby grand piano. If having a baby grand in your hotel suite doesn't scream luxury, then I don't know what does!

2. It's grand

Boasting 509 square metres, this place was bigger than the whole flat that we lived in before we started travelling. It just kept going on and on, with extra surprises around every corner. 

509 square metres is so large, that the Presidential Suite actually has both a sea view (from the bedrooms and bathrooms) and a city view (from the karaoke room)!

The Presidential Suite has three bedrooms including the master bedroom with his and her bathrooms.

Speaking of bathrooms, there are actually 3 in this suite, each with their own shower and a jacuzzi!

3. There's no need to leave the suite
One of the things we liked the best about the Marina Bay Sands Presidential Suite, was the fact that it didn't just have numerous bedrooms and bathrooms. It also had: 

A karaoke room! This room is completely sound proof and comes with comfy chairs, karaoke

microphones, iPad and a massive TV.
Home gym! Lots of hotels have gyms, but you have to share them with the other guests. In the Marina Bay Sands Presidential Suite, this is not the case. Not having to see other people when you are all sweaty after a gym workout is pure luxury. 

Steam and sauna room the suite includes not just a private steam room, but also a private sauna. Like having a gym in your hotel room, having a sauna and steam room in your suite makes it feel like you have your own private hotel. 

Massage room continuing with the 'hotel within a hotel' theme, the Presidential Suite comes with its own massage room, complete with a professional massage bed. 


After all the relaxing you'll be doing in the massage room, it will be time to make your outside look as good as your inside feels. So logically it makes sense to have your own salon for hair and make up - right?

All in all, the Presidential Suite had absolutely everything (and more) so there was no need to leave the rooms! 

4. But if you do leave.. 
The Infinity Pool: The Marina Bay Sands has one of the best swimming pools in the world and it's just a couple of floors up. 

Snapping a shot in this infinity pool is a must for anyone even slightly serious about Instagram or Pinterest. As usual the Marina Bay Sands goes the extra mile, this time by providing photographers who will come in the water with you to capture the moment for you. 

The Observation Deck: 

This observation deck truly does give the best views in Singapore, you can see everything from here: the Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore flyer, the race track... Even if you don't get the chance to actually stay at the Marina Bay Sands, make sure you go up to this deck (it's open to non guests for a small fee). 


All in all, we were very impressed. The Marina Bay Sand's Presidential Suite was like a hotel inside a hotel, and included things we'd never even thought of. This is true luxury people! 

The Observation Deck and Infinity Pool were very impressive too. 

Marina Bay Sands has earned its title as one of Singapore's most famous landmarks, don't miss it when you come to Singapore!

To book a stay at the Marina Bay Sands head over to their website or their Agoda page. Also make sure to give them a like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

To see more of the Marina Bay Sands Presidential Suite, check out our vlog about it:

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Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Marina Bay Sands, but as always, all opinions are our own. 

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