Hotel Review: Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa

Hotel Review Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Spa

If you're looking for somewhere relaxing and luxurious to stay in Krabi, look no further than Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & SpaAonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa is the most relaxing place ever: they have an infinity pool, balcony bathtubs, a private beach and of course, the spa! We spent two nights at the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa and this is what we thought: 

1. Check-in & Our Room

Welcome drinks Aonang Cliff Beach resort & Spa

First impressions taught us that the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort is an oasis of calm in Aonang. On check-in we were treated to refreshing, cold flannels and delicious juice. It was very thoughtful. 

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa Room

The room was INCREDIBLE. The bed was massive, the shower was massive, actually the whole room was massive. 

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Bed

And to top it off, there was also a massive balcony with a 180 degree view - to the left were the gorgeous limestone karsts, and to the right was the Andaman Sea! But there weren't just comfy chairs to chillax in and look at the view, there was also our own balcony bathtub! 

Aonang Cliff Beach Balcony Bathtub

For more bath scenes, have a look at our Daily Vlog number 21! 

2. Sunset Bar & Dinner

Aonang Cliff Beach Sunset

One level up from our room was the Sunset Bar, here we enjoyed some tasty cocktails whilst watching the sun sink below the sea. Every sunset we'd seen in Thailand was incredible, but sitting in a beautiful bar, sipping delicious cocktails made it out of this world.

Aonang Cliff Beach Food

Downstairs Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa throw a tremendous buffet which is open for anyone - even non guests. 

Aonang Cliff Beach Buffet

We tried it out and it was yummy! There were lots of options - BBQ, seafood, typical Thai food, Indian food, chips, sushi, kebabs, salad, fruits, dessert, ice cream(!) We stuffed ourselves with BBQ, seafood, chips and then ice cream. It was so, so good. We highly recommend it. 

3. The Show

Aonang Cliff Beach Dance Show

Dinner also came with an incredible show, which was very entertaining. The dancers were talented and very nice! 

Aonang Cliff Beach Dance Show

To see more of the show, watch our Daily Vlog (day 20)!

4. The Infinity Pool & Spa

Aonang Cliff Beach Infinity Pool

We loved the infinity pool, it's positioned perfectly so that when you are in it, the sea you can see in the distance is on the same level as your water - it's like you're swimming in the sea! But without the gross sea water and waves! 

Aonang Cliff Beach Infinity Pool

If a beautiful view and the feeling that you're swimming in the sea (when you're not) isn't enough for you, check this out: JACUZZI SUNBEDS IN THE POOL! 

Jacuzzi sunbed in pool

If you're anything like us, you'll have spent years with this struggle: do you lie next to the pool and perfect your tan, or do you get in the pool and cool off? Sure you can get in and out, OR you could introduce yourself to a pool sunbed! PLUS there are jets all over it, so you can turn it into a jacuzzi too!

We also had the most amazing afternoon chilling out in the spa. We both had a hot stone massage, and it was fantastic! We'd never had one before, and from the photos we'd seen of it, we assumed it was a lot of lying around with hot stones on our backs. But it was so much better than that!! First a body part (back, leg, foot, neck, stomach) was massaged with oil, then that same part was massaged with a hot stone. It was great!! The best massage that we had in Thailand. 

5. Breakfast & Private Beach

They served a buffet breakfast which is very delicious and the choice is extensive: fried breakfast, Thai breakfast, fruit, breads, cheeses, olives, salad, yoghurt, cereals... it was all very nice. 

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa share a private beach with another awesome hotel, Alisea Boutique Hotel. Although we didn't visit the beach when we were staying at the Aonang Cliff Beach, we did visit when we were staying at the Alisea. It was awesome and if you want to find out more, like our Facebook page to make sure you don't miss our Alisea post

6. Wrap Up: Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa (Review)

As you might have been able to tell, we absolutely loved our stay at the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa and can't recommend it highly enough! The combination of infinity pool, spa and balcony bathtub was a real winner!  Check out Aonang Cliff Beach Resort on their Agoda page, or on their main website Also make sure to like their Facebook page and follow them on InstagramAnd to keep up with our own adventures, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube. And in case you're interested in watching a vlog about our experience at Aonang:  

Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa, but as always all opinions are our own. We would never recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved. We didn't want to ever leave Aonang Cliff Beach and we hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did!

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