5 Foods to Eat in Spain

5 foods to eat in spain

When we were chosen to House Sit in Spain there were two things that excited us the most: the weather and the food. Spanish cuisine is among the best in the world (in our humble opinion) and this post has been very hard to write - I keep stopping to fantasize about dinner. So please read this list of Spanish foods with a full stomach!

1. Churros

Churros were on the top of our list of Spanish desserts to try. They are a really easy Spanish food to make, but they are delicious! They are essentially long deep fried donuts served with sugar and if you're lucky chocolate sauce. If chocolate sauce is an option make sure you ask to have it extra thick. (Muy grueso??)

2. Paella 

Paella is probably the quintessential food of Spain. I read somewhere not to try it because it's aimed at tourists and can give you food poisoning. But this was written by someone near Madrid and because we were on the coast I think the fish can be trusted. Plus I read it after we'd eaten it and we were fine!! In fact more than fine, it was so yummy and so filling. 

3. Chorizo

Chorizo is to Spain as Bratwurst is to Germany. But actually chorizo tastes better, well Tanbay prefers Bratwurst but he is biased (being German). Anyway, if you are a meat eater and want to eat a typical Spanish meat try chorizo - it's delectable!

4. Fruit

Spain has some of the freshest most delicious fruit I have ever tasted. Forget Australia where they import their oranges from California, or Germany where they just have more meat instead of fruit - if fruit is your thing head to Spain. Even in a small town like Fuengirola they had dozens of independent fresh fruit shops. 

The figs in the above photo however, were picked from a tree. Yes - Spain is so amazing for fruit there are even trees where you can pick fresh exotic fruit free. 

5. Sea Food  

mijas spain sea food

I have saved the best for last and the seafood in Spain really was to die for. In the above photo are the sardines that were grilled on the beach for us to eat. They were so good. Really salty and lemony and delicious:

grilled sardines

They were 4.50 (about $5) for 6 which is actually quite cheap for that area, because it is quite expensive there. It is very touristy and they know they can get away with €2 (about $2.30) for a Calippo.

So all in all we absolutely loved the food in Spain. It was delicious. It was a little expensive at times but you definitely get more than what you pay for!

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