Introducing my sister to Germany

Last week marked the date that we'd been living in Germany for a month, it's been an excellent month -fun and relaxing. Though my liver and embarrassment centre have taken a few hits for the team. Anyway, a month without English people always means one thing: it's time to see some English people!!

So my lovely sister and her hilarious boyfriend came over to visit :) here are the highlights:

The Motorway
I went with Tanbay's (lovely) sister and her (hilarious) boyfriend to pick them up from Bremen airport. My sister and her boyfriend were very excited to drive over 100mph on the motorway, and he immediately declared that he wanted to live in Germany..

German Birthday
On their first day it was Tanbay's birthday, we walked into the nearest town so they could see how tiny it is and then in the evening we had a BBQ. After the bbq (in Germany they call it a grill) we played some drinking games. Our favourite drinking game is Ring of Fire, so we played that. In Germany it has different rules though.

Football Game
We went and saw the Germany vs USA world cup game in a public viewing place in Oldenburg:

The atmosphere was pretty poor, because Germany didn't score in the first half. But when they did score it was great, a guy with a mega phone shouts things out and you have to shout back in return:

Thomas! Müller!
Deutschland! Eins!
USA! Null!
Danke! Bitte! 

Which I find super fun to do.

After the match the atmosphere still wasn't that great, Germany had won but only by 1-0 which apparently isn't good enough.. We still got to beep at other cars and wave a German flag at them though:

Tanbay and I took my sister and her boyfriend swimming in the local Hallen und Freibad (indoor and outdoor swimming pool). Outdoor swimming pools seem to be more common in Germany than in England (in my own personal experience, which may not be 100% correct). This particular one has a very high diving board (well 3m, high enough).

We also went to the Wellenbad which is a pool with a wave machine, this one is a lot more spa like. There is also an outdoor pool, but the water is salt water and is warm.

We went to the same strange German Disko that I went to a few weeks ago: Disko in Deutschland . I forgot to mention in that post that when you're new to the place they make you drink a rostiger Nagel (rusty nail) which is a horrible shot of tabasco and some kind of alcohol. My sister wouldn't drink hers so I did it for her..

There are a few horrible photos of us, which don't belong here. But here is a photo of the DJ box that Tange put on their Facebook page:

Horse Riding
My sister and her boyfriend had never been horse riding, so we took them!

Bad Zwischenahn 

On the penultimate day I drove (yes me woo) us to Bad Zwischenahn which has the big windmill:

They enjoyed their first ever Bratwurst. Bratwurst, along with currywurst are a must have for any meat eater who goes to Germany, basically they are sausages (the curry one having curry powder on it).

We also ate ice cream - another German must have cuisine.

On the last day we went swimming again and then to the airport. In the car we found a hip hop song none of us could understand - a french one.

All in all we had a great time having them here!

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