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Following the amazing 7-1 win for Germany against Brazil I think it's time to share with you what it's like to watch the German matches in Germany. We've seen all six German matches in Germany, in a number of different venues: 

Germany vs Portugal (4-0) Public Viewing

We went to a Public Viewing in Oldenburg. For just 2 Euros we got to stand in a massive crowd of Germans and watch the game on the big screen. 

I was consistently having to stand on tippy toes and was still not getting to see anything, but the atmosphere was epic!! Almost everyone had dressed up in flags - hats, hair pieces, face paint, wigs, eye shadow (ew), garlands. There was even a woman with black hair, a red top and yellow jeans. And this guy: 

Germany won 4-0 woo :) 

For us, our favourite part was afterwards when we drove around in the car and beeped at other people to celebrate, it was hilarious. We rolled down the windows and waved the German flag at people and blew on a (German flag decorated) horn. It sounds anti social but everyone else was doing it! So I guess that makes it social.. People were so excited! We saw a guy wearing a German flag as a cape, when we beeped at him he beeped back and did a wheely.

It was a great day. 

Germany vs Ghana (2-2) Birthday Party
For the second German match we were pleased to be invited to a friend's birthday party, where she had a big screen (Leinwand) up to watch it. The atmosphere started off well and there was plenty of Jaegermeister and beer to go round. 

Luckily by the time it turned out that it was a draw, everyone was too merry to care too much. 

Thanks for the invitation Louisa! And thanks to all of your relatives who agreed that Tanbay is Leonardo Dicaprio. 

Germany vs USA (1-0) Public Viewing again
For the third match we went to the Public Viewing again, this time my sister and her boyfriend were visiting from England so they came too. The game was no way near as good as the first one. By half time Germany hadn't scored at all and the atmosphere (fuelled by beer - EUR2.5) was pretty dire. Everyone kept singing this song:

Auf gehts Deutschland schiesst ein Tor, schiesst ein Tor, schiesst ein Toooohooor! 

Which basically means come on Germany score a goal, score a goal, score a goooaaaall! 

They also sung this stupid song:

Geh mal Bier holen, du wirst schon wieder hässlich, ein zwei Bier und du bist wieder schön. Geh mal Bier holen, denn ich mein, das du hässlich bist das muss ja nicht sein. 

This one means go get a beer, you are ugly again, get one two beers and you are pretty again. Go get a beer, because I think that you being ugly, doesn't have to be so.. 

Personally I think this song is rude and offensive.. but it's always in my head and I like to shout it at Tanbay. 

But when they did score it was great, a guy with a mega phone shouts things out and you have to shout back in return:

Thomas! Müller!
Deutschland! Eins!
USA! Null!
Danke! Bitte! 

Which I find super fun to do. I didn't know about it at the first public viewing and didn't know what was going on, but this time I was prepared was able to join in and look cool in front of my little sister :)

After the match the atmosphere still wasn't that great, Germany had won but only by 1-0 which apparently isn't good enough.. We still got to beep at other cars and wave a German flag at them though.

Germany vs Algeria (2-1) Home Viewing 

This game was on pretty late (10pm) and as our designated driver (Tanbay's sister's boyfriend) had to work early in the morning we decided to watch this one at home. It was nice there were German sweets  (Maoam), German crisps (ones made of peanuts) and German beer with the German flag on: 
Germany vs France (1-0) In the pub
It was a sunny Friday when this game played, we decided to go to the pub to see it. I did a rooky mistake and mistranslated "Zwanzig vor vier" as 20 past 4, when really it's 20 to 4.. so I was not ready when our friends came to pick us up. Tanbay wasn't ready either, he'd heard it as just "vier", and he's German so he has no excuse. 

Anyway we still got there and set up camp in front of an Asian restaurant, who had put chairs outside of their shop facing the pub opposite. The pub in question had massive screens out for everyone to see the game. The Asian restaurant people were very nice and sold us noodles and beer: 

The atmosphere was great, the beer was great, and we didn't have to stand up. So from all the locations that we'd been in this was probably the best.

However, the pub we were viewing it out of (Strohhalm) had a tiny delay on it's audio to the pub next door (Big Ben Pub - ha). This meant that we heard it first from Big Ben and then a few mini seconds later from Strohhalm.. it was so annoying.  

But this time Germany scored early on so the mood was great for the whole period. 

Germany vs Brazil (7-1).. 
Woah what can I say about this game? Even if you absolutely hate football (which on a normal unworld cup day we do) you must have heard that Germany beat Brazil 7-1. It was unbelievable. Again it was on late so again, unfortunately, we watched it from home. I was taking the time to catch up on some work, and every time I looked down at the computer Germany scored!

Hilariously, a pub offered punters a free shot every time the Germans scored… ha. 

Needless to say everyone here is very pleased. Well done Germany! 

We will be heading to Berlin this weekend to see the match at a public viewing at the Brandenburger Tor

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