The Overlanders

Meet Linzi and Gwyn (aka The Overlanders) who have broken away from the social norm and been on the nomadic path since 2007.  They met snowboarding, becoming good friends, until 2010, when they officially became a couple.  They have hammered Europe, North America, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia, including a 2-month stint around China and the transiberian express for 3 weeks through Russia.  One of their favourite trips to-date has been a 4-month tour around the USA and Canada in a rented campervan.  They visited 33 American states and 2 Canadian provinces and this is what made them re-think the whole over-landing travel style.  Since then they have bought the quirky Land Rover ambulance Dougal and green mean beast Kermit.

Originally they were travelling in a converted 1977 Land Rover ambulance (Dougal), which was shipped out from the UK to Florida in August 2013. The plan was to visit every country from Mexico to Chile and in between. These 21 countries includes 8 countries in Central America, 13 countries in South America and also the Gal├ípagos Islands and Easter island.  Unfortunately Dougal completed his Central America mission, but couldn't muster the strength to get past Venezuela. Tired of his hissy fits, they shipped him back to the UK, sold him on, got a newer, more reliable vehicle (they hope) and collected there thoughts.  They have just finished working in Dubai for the past 4 months to collect more funds together and have shipped out Kermit, a 1996 Land Rover Defender, converted again by Gwyn to be a fully working over-landing machine, home and office.  They are due to commence South America Expedition part 2 at the end of June 2014.

They have now decided to set up a website of their adventures, giving a honest account of the pros and cons of the places, activities and sights; the trials and tribulations of travelling as a couple; the ups and downs that these trips bring, and to document their expeditions through uploading pictures.  
Their best story from their most recent trip was in Dominical, Costa Rica, were they encounted an experience no money could buy them: they were surfing and behind them two humpback whales were breaching and slapping their fins against the water, entertaining them for 30 minutes like something out of a 'SeaWorld Show'.  National Geographic eat your heart out!
They love the outdoors. They love sports.  They love exploration.  They love gear. They love food. They love photographing it all. But most importantly, they love sharing it with the world, with you.  So jump on the band-wagon, be part of the adventure, be inspired and get the over-landing bug.
 Keep updated with all their drama using the social media links below:
Twitter: @the_overlanders

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We overland. We eat plants and fungi. We live outside as much as possible. We are all connected. A female travel blogger overlanding and writing about ecotourism, ethical and sustainable travel, socially conscious travel and housesitting. An online travel magazine since 2015.


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