This is a guest post by NOMADasaurus a great couple who believe (correctly) that personal happiness far outweighs social expectations. This post is about how they acquired total freedom: 

Acquiring Total Freedom

Like how most great travel adventures eventuate, this one began after a chance encounter with a fellow backpacker on a slow boat to Laos. Over many beverages and with hours to kill we began discussing past experiences and how we were unsure what our futures had in store for us. 

During our chats, he told me of one of his previous escapades which consisted of riding a motorcycle from East Russia to London. An epic overland jaunt that stirred my curiosity. Enthusiastically I looked at Lesh and declared that we could do something similar. She agreed and we stuck the idea in the back of our minds.

A few days later we were sitting in a cafe in Luang Prabang, when an absent-minded internet search came back with two Vietnamese-plated motorcycles for sale. That afternoon we were test-riding them.

Our debate whether we should buy the motorcycles didn’t take long. We weighed up our lack of riding experience and knowledge and contrasted it with the sense of freedom and adventure we would have. Will we consider the added dangers of being exposed on these hectic, lawless roads or instead imagine fresh air and sunshine while cruising the mountain regions of South East Asia? 

Obviously, we bought the motorbikes.

We didn’t know about the legality behind crossing international borders with motorbikes that are registered to an anonymous Vietnamese shop-owner. We figured we’d learn that along the way. The other thing we would have to learn rather quickly is how to ride these well-travelled beasts. Luckily you almost always start to swim when thrown in the deep-end. Soon enough we would be weaving in and out of heavy traffic like seasoned veterans.

Armed with a map and a budget tool-kit, we headed north. What we were to discover was unknown, but that added to the fascination. 

The unknown turned out to be dense jungle, spectacular limestone cliff-formations and rustic villages filled with smiling locals. 

The sheer joy of being in complete control of our journey grew exponentially. No longer were we confined to the limitations of bus and train travel. When we grew thirsty, we stopped to purchase drinks from the villagers. When our bodies began to ache from the ride we rested by picturesque rivers. To refresh our minds from the intense concentration required on the mountainous roads we would play games and chat with the local kids.

Being able to travel without the constraints of time is a wonderful feeling. Wake when you want to wake, eat when you want to eat and move on when you want to move on. Total freedom is seldom found in a busy society. You need to venture away from routine and into the wild to find it.

We would ride to wherever we desired, when it suited us. The unknown would greet us each and every day. With a completely spontaneous and illogical purchase, we had bought more than modes of transport. We had acquired our total freedom.

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