Couchsurfing is a great way to find free accommodation and, more importantly, make great friends whilst travelling. So far we've only done it three times in Australia, and two of those times were definite highlights of our trip!

The first time we couchsurfed we stayed in a studenty type house with more nationalities than we were able to count [okay I can count: three French, two Germans, one Australian, a Malaysian, one Swiss girl, an American, a Swedish guy, two and a half Italians and one and a half English ladies (the halves come from our host who is half Italian and half English)].

Couchsurfing Western Australia

We slept in tents and had a fantastic time meeting everyone.

Our second couchsurf was with the most incredible couple ever! They'd been to over 60 countries and were so inspirational!



Couchsurfing is a fantastic way to see a country and I recommend it to everyone.


  • Fill in your profile as much as possible
  • Connect with people you think you will have things in common with
  • Don't send out a generic email to everyone, this was our first mistake and everyone got annoyed - which I understand now, don't use people for their couches :)

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