Spider Fan?

Yes Australia has spiders. The Sydney Funnel Web Spider is one of the most deadly spiders in the world, but there have been no recorded fatalities since the anti-venom became available in the 80s.

We only saw a Huntsman Spider, a Black House Spider and a (dead) Black Widow.

This is the Huntsman (it was dinner plate sized):

Most people in Australia get their homes sprayed to deter spiders (and cockroaches) particularly if they have young children or pets.

Ironically, in England I have no problem with spiders at all, and Tanbay is petrified of them. But in Australia it's the other way around. Even though Huntsman Spiders aren't venomous when we had one in the kitchen it really freaked me out and we had to eat cold noodles.


This is the best website I've found about Australian spiders, it has great pictures and information.


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