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We were lucky to never have any close calls (as far as we know) with snakes, we saw them three times in our nine months in Australia. All three times were at the beach! Clearly snakes in Australia are beach babes.

If you are interested, we saw them in Kangaroo Island twice and once in Hopetoun, Western Australia. The first two times were in late September and the third time was in November.

Here is some useful information about AUSTRALIAN snakes (sorry I don't know about other countries, I'm not David Attenborough) :

Firstly: and you've probably assumed this from above, you don't come across snakes that often - so don't be like my dad and not go to Australia because you don't want to die..

Secondly: It's best to just avoid areas with long grass, especially if you happen to have a dog with you. If you have to go through it (you can't go over it, you can't go under it) then be loud so they hear you and slither away to hide.

Thirdly: If you see one, back away far - they can attack three times their body length or something

Fourthly: If you get bitten
    • Stay calm (easier said than done, but panicking speeds up the poison process)
    • Calmly get to hospital (or call 000 ) 
    • Don't kill the snake or worry about the type - the anti-venom is used for multiple bites 

Finally: You're not going to be bitten unless you actively go looking for them and then poke them, or unless you're really unlucky - so just be sensible but don't loose sleep over it!


NB we never went to the Northern Territory or northern Queensland, I'm sure things are different there..

Also we met a beautiful dog who had been bitten by snakes because he chased after them and tried to play with them, don't do that.

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