Everything You Need to Know About Koalas

There are only three things really, firstly, and most importantly: KOALAS ARE NOT BEARS. Secondly: 

How to Find Koalas in the Wild
Koalas are the worst hiders ever. We went to Adelaide and were told that koalas are regularly seen in the nature reserve. So everyday we went out looking for them, and when I say looking I mean staring intently into the trees and trying to catch the smallest glimmer of grey fur between the tightly knit leaves. When we finally saw the koalas a week later, we laughed at how pointless that activity was. When a koala is in a tree it's very obvious.

So if you're keen to see a koala in the wild, the first thing to do is ask the locals where the best place to spot them is. Then glance at the trees that they like (eucalyptus) and if they're there you will instantly see them.



How to Hold a Tame Koala 
If you haven't been successful in finding them in the wild (or aren't interested in doing so) don't fear you can still catch the cuddly critters elsewhere - in wildlife parks and zoos. We held one in Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - the oldest and biggest koala park. Beware though! Koala claws really hurt! They latch on to you like you're a tree and leave you with massive red marks.

It was one of the best days in Australia though - no pain no gain!

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