Finding Banksy in Bristol

Tanbay and I took the coach down to Bristol (from Cheltenham) to see my three best buddies. The coach only took an hour, so compared to our 11 hour ones in Australia we thought it would be a breeze. It was not. It was ridiculously hot on the coach! Sure it was freezing outside, but when you have a full coach you do not need the heating up on full. I thought I was going to vom.

Anyway back to my best buds, we have been the best of friends since we were 15:

This is us now (plus Tanbay) :

Saint Nicolas Market

They live in a big girlie house in Bristol, I have been to some fabulous (crazy) parties there. They have lots of cool pets:


Tanbay and I arrived and went to find Banksy. If you don't know Banksy he's a secret graffiti artist who does vaguely antiestablishment pieces and is very popular, well that's what I've gathered from it really, I'm probably wrong.  We were pleased at how easy it was to find a Banksy piece of art, so we continued to the big girlie house. They then told us that what we'd found wasn't a Banksy.. Oops


We had dinner on Gloucester Road, which is actually a pretty good hippy like/arty farty road. We also went out for a beer. It was great.

Bristol Glocester Road

Though it cost £3 each to get into the pub, and the guy tried to short change me. No Bristol no.

With real Bristolians in tow we managed to find a real Banksy, but the beer made it a little blurry:

Banksy Bristol

Later that night we went long boarding, as you do:

Long Boarding Bristol

In the morning we passed another Banksy which was opposite the one we'd thought was a Banksy the day before..:

Banksy Bristol

There is loads of graffiti in Bristol, some better than others, this was one of the good ones and it was massive:
Graffiti Bristol

We went to Saint Nicolas's Market which was pretty good! There were loads of cool things like hot hot chile and fox scarves. We wanted to buy everything, but in the end opted for the best fruit smoothie ever :) 

Bristol Saint Nicolas Market

All in all we love Bristol, sometimes it can be a bit grimy though so be prepared, but if you can get past that Bristol has a crazy, lovely, vibrant, arty soul - It's by far my favourite city in England.

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