BEST New Year's Eve

Since 2006 we've had every New Year's Eve together, so I didn't feel home sick at all on this holiday. We've always been pretty boring on NYE though so we wanted to make sure we weren't grannies this year.

So we got two buses to Surfer's Paradise and on the second one the (possibly drunk) bus driver let us on free! WOO. The main street was pretty packed but nowhere near as packed as expected.

They'd set up a big DJ type thing on the beach which was pretty cool. There were lots of people on the beach, but there's so much beach that it wasn't crowded.

We went to a pub and ordered a XXXX beer which is an Ozzie beer. But the live music was too loud and rubbish for us grannies so we left.

Tanbay was surprised by how many children were out. 

There were rides next to the beach which I think look cool

We went up the beach a little bit further and there were even less people. On the streets three guys started having a fight! A girl was really f*&@ked and one shouted at the other 'What have you given her?' Then two of them had the lamest fight I've ever seen, similar to the bridget jones one but with less blood. I waited until a responsible and sober looking woman came to take care of the girl, Tanbay was scared but I wanted to make sure (from a safe distance) that she was okay..

Then we had a walk up the clubbing lane to see if we wanted to go clubbing. We saw a really great guy in drag. We went to a club that looked shit so we thought it would be cheaper to get in but it was $40! So we didn't go clubbing.. we felt slightly grannyish but really if you don't enjoy something you shouldn't have to pay to get in, it doesn't make you a granny it makes you proper cool.


We went back to the beach and discussed our favourite moments of 2013.

The list was pretty long.

This was our view:

Ten minutes before midnight it chucked it down! We hadn't brought an umbrella (we only have one which isn't big enough for both of us and is heavy, so stupid to take out..) But I asked this nice couple if we could share theirs! Tanbay thought I was being really rude but cheered up when we found out that they were Japanese. We said ar ee gat o a bunch of times and tried to learn you're welcome (kon ya ??)

The shower was only a few minutes long, it stopped by the time the count down started!

I'm not being funny but these fireworks were nowhere near as good as the London ones.. I've even seen better ones in Tewkesbury. Ha.

But we still had a great time

we actually found them so bad we went to the toilet. They had portaloos and there was no queue because everyone was so 'mesmerised'

Then we went to DJ bit and I really wanted to dance, but no one else was.. But I did it anyway because   I am cool.

Then we made friends with these people who started dancing and they were German :)

So it really was the best new year's eve! But then we had the worst new years day.. 
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