Surprising Facts About Kangaroos

We all know that kangaroos are weird animals who like boxing and being the main mode of transport for Australians, but here are 7 facts that surprised us when we met them:

1. Baby roos go in head first

I thought that they had penises with claws, then I thought that it was an extra leg, but it's just the legs of a large baby. So large in fact that it's probably more like a toddler kangaroo. I think they must twirl around inside to get the textbook 'head poking out' look.   

2. Talking of penises, they are weird and live behind their balls

On the day that this was photographed I must have been subjected to over 20 kangaroo penises. They just have them hanging out with no shame at all. They're really pointy and gross. 

3. Whilst we're in that general area, the ladies have three vags 

Okay sorry to disappoint you, it's a picture of what comes out of the vag. Isn't s/he the cutest!! When they come out they are the size of your finger nail (unless your finger nail is freakishly large or small). 


4. The big difference between the ones in the wild and the ones in the wildlife parks is how close you can get to them 

ones in wildlife park

ones in the wild 

5. They come in different colours

Boring Brown 

Rusty Red 
Pearly White 

 If you want the correct (boring) names, it's Eastern Grey, Red and Albino.

6. Some are gigantic


This photo doesn't really do it justice, but some of them grow to 6ft! I have a school friend who is scared of koalas (you know who you are) but personally I think kangaroos are much scarier. He could kill you. 

7. If it's really small it's probably a wallaby 

Leftie is a kangaroo, rightie is a wallaby. I guess they're kind of related in the way that hares and rabbits are (in my own humble no-qualifications-involving-animals-at-all opinion) 

In the 9 months that we were in Australia, we saw wild kangaroos about 7 times. It always seemed to be on rainy days that we saw them. Like koalas you should ask the locals where they are often spotted.

If you're only going to be in urban areas or want a guarantee that you'll see a kangaroo go to a wildlife park. We went to Ballarat Wildlife Park ,  Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and Caversham Wildlife Park. These were all excellent and the animals are obviously very well cared for. Admission for an adult were AU$28, AU$29.70 and AU$25 respectively. I think most of the money goes to the animals and each park had lots of other animals to see too. 

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