5 Fabulous Places to Dine in New York

The greatest evidence of New York's multiculturalism was found (by us) in New York's extensive variety of foods. On the first night we had 'typical' American food, we went to a diner:

The Comfort Diner
Located at 214 East 45th Street, it has a nice homely comforty feel. We had chicken soup and pancakes. It was yummy yummy comfort food - just what we needed after a 9 hour flight.

The next evening we went to:

We had to make a booking to eat here, but only one day in advance, and it was well worth the wait. It's located at 211 E 43rd street and at first we thought that we were in the wrong place - it looks a bit industrial. But the restaurant is downstairs and when you enter it's like stepping into a portal and popping out in Japan. Not that I've been to Japan, but it's so authentic - there was bamboo everywhere and even a Japanese toilet.

Sakagura New York
We had the best duck I've ever had, with shrimp spring rolls, squid and stewed beef. It was all delicious, and the ambience of the place really made the meal. 

Sakagura New York City

It was followed by Sake and ice cream - I had Earl Grey flavoured. It truly was one of the best meals I've had. I said earlier that I haven't been to Japan but it really made me want to go there even more.

Hummus Place 

Hummus Place New York

We went into Hummus Place ravenous and left more than satisfied. I think they have three locations, but the one we went to was located conveniently near to Central Park (or at least the part of Central Park that we were in). 

There is a lovely vibe to this place, kind of hippy like, and the food was excellent. We had Shakshuka which is a tomato stew with aubergine (eggplant) and eggs, that was $10 but we added halumi for an extra $3. It was absolutely delicious:

Hummus Place New York

I know I should have had hummus, but I wasn't disappointed with my choice, nor with my choice of restaurant. 

Amy Ruth's

Amy Ruths New York

We went to Amy Ruth's at lunch time on a Sunday. It was completely packed and we had to wait outside, but it wasn't for very long and I would have waited a lot longer for the amazing food we got inside. 

We started off with cornbread, which I'd never had before but is excellent. 

For the main we had fried chicken and chips, this photo below really doesn't do it any justice at all, it looks like kfc, it tasted a billion times better: 

Amy Ruths New York

Wo Hop 
Wo Hop New York

Wo Hop is a Chinese restaurant located in China Town and was recommended to us by a local Rabi. Again the food was fantastic. The restaurant is located below ground level and is decorated with loads of amazing photos.

We had noodles and fried crab:

Wo Hop New York

Wo Hop New York

All in all it's very hard to say which meal was my favourite, we tried so many different nationalities and tastes. Instead I'll just tell you that no matter what you're preference is, New York will cater for it, that is unless your preference is for bland and boring food. 

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