Welcome to Canberra

Today we flew from Brisbane (Queensland) to Canberra (Australian Capital Territory). We had to get up at five so the flight involved lots of sleeping. It was only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I woke up in time to see the descent, from the air the ACT looked so brown! Ridiculously brown, but they did have a massive heat wave last month.

The decent was extremely bumpy and scary, only comparable to the flight we took home from Dublin (where the pilot was drunk). I'd also had a really bad feeling before I got on the plane that I was going to die. But I don't believe in bad feelings and I was proved right when we landed safely, with that 'omg I survived' feeling you get from roller coasters.

Anyway the new lady we are house sitting for (Ang), picked us up from the airport (thanks :) ), and then took us on a mini tour of Canberra in the car. The Parliament house has the biggest Australian flag on the top, the pole is huge and definitely compensating for something..

Then we met the new house and pets:

Chief is the German Shepherd and Max is a Boxer. 

I already love them so so much! I liked them before I met them because they have great names, and as Tanbay is German and I am a boxer they are basically us in dog form. I love them in person because they are such sweet dogs. Especially Max, just look at his little face! They are so happy and gorgeous. Also I love his tiny tail. 

He thinks he's a lap dog. 

Ang is really great too, she's lived everywhere! She wrote us the best list of things to know around the house, which is important for house sitters. We had pizza and wine and watched About Time which was really fantastic. 

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