Parliament House

Today we took the bus into Canberra from Harrison. We were pretty shocked with the bus price being $8.60 each (That's about £4.30). It is only a ten minute drive! 

However, we then found out we could use the ticket all day on all of the buses, which was necessary. We were planning on doing the half an hour walk from the bus station to Parliament house, but it was 34 degrees. 

So we caught another bus to Parliament House: 

Parliament House is basically the 10 Downing Street of Australia. It's also apparently the most expensive building in Australia. 

We didn't know what to expect inside the house, but it was so hot we decided to have a look. 

We had to go through a metal scanner, which I set off with my bracelets.

We were invited to sit in on the political talks which I was interested in, but Tanbay said it would send him to sleep and the Parliament people said that I wouldn't be allowed to take my camera in. So it seemed pointless.

What we did do was go on top of the Parliament House, which gave us a fantastic view of Canberra.

There was nobody on top of the roof apart from us, I don't think many people know you can go up there.

We also got a closer look at the ridiculously large flag

This is the Australian version of the Louvre

They have neat little gardens around the Parliament House

It was worth visiting for the view from the roof 

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