National Portrait Gallery

We went into the National Portrait Gallery, my favourite type of art is art which is of faces, I'm not sure why I didn't register that portrait gallery meant there would be a lot of faces, but when I saw that there were I was very excited. 

However, it was very confusing as to which way it was into the gallery, so after we'd gone into the toilet, cafe and gift shop we finally made it into the gallery. After all the confusion I didn't notice the 'no photos' sign.

So after I took all of these photos a guard waved at me. I waved back at him and he shook his head at me and gestured some more. After a few seconds I realised he was trying to ask me politely not to take photos. I'm not sure why he didn't just ask me politely.. 

Anyway there were lots of great portraits in there, Australia does have a lot of art that I like .

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