I'll be honest with you, we had a great time in Canberra, but I wouldn't recommend that you go there unless you have some other obligation there (we were house sitting there).

Don't get me wrong there's nothing bad about Canberra, it's just very boring! Imagine a city which is small and has been designed to be the capital because the country couldn't decide which city should be its capital. That's Canberra.

On Friday evenings there's a massive stamped to get out of the city because a lot of the people that live in Canberra are politicians, and a lot of these politicians have enough money to live in Canberra during the week, and live in Sydney/Melbourne/somewhere else with their families at the weekend.

The bus network is very concise and well thought out, but ridiculously expensive for Australia.

Okay so I haven't convinced you not to go there, or you have an obligation to be there, or you really want to tick all states and territories off, what do we recommend that you do??

Parliament House

Don't go there because it's where Australia's Parliament lives or because it's the main reason for Canberra or because it's the most expensive building in Australia. No we recommend it for the views of the city from its roof!

The roof is free to go onto, but no one else was up there. You also get to have a closer look at the massive Australian flag and pole (compensating for something much??)

The Portrait Gallery 

The portrait gallery is really awesome, but that may just be my opinion as portraits are my favourite type of art. Be warned you can't take photos, which I didn't realise, so here are my photos:


Cantina does great Mexican food and Sangria, perfect for a hot day. They are conveniently located in the centre as well.

Other than that, what else can I saw about Canberra?  Not much, but if you disagree please contact us and I'll add your favourite bits :)

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