The Blue Mountains

Today we went to the Blue Mountains. We left at 8.30am and took a bus, a train, another train and another bus to Scenic World, Katoomba. We arrived at 12.50pm! It shouldn't have taken that long but we had to get an early first bus to make sure we wouldn't miss the train and then we couldn't get the early train because it was $5 more.. Basically it was our fault it took so long. 

Anyway whilst we were on the final bus we were a little worried, it was so misty we couldn't see out of the bus! We'd looked up the weather before we left and it said 20% chance of rain but nothing about fog! 

We went for it anyway as we were there. 

Scenic World was established in 1945. It used to be a coal mine which they transformed into a railway. They now have a Skyway, Walkway, Cableway and Railway. The Railway is the steepest incline railways in the world. 

We went on the Skyway first which should have looked like this, 270 metres above the ground: 

This is what we saw:

Ha it was so misty we couldn't see anything! We did see this at the beginning: 

It felt like we were in jurassic park:

Here's the view from the floor: 

So we were a wee bit disappointed, but luckily the day got a lot better after that! Plus we can still say we went on Australia's first cable car, which has the world's only electrostatic glass floor..

Anyway next we went on the Railway which we were most excited about and was really good, there was less mist here:

When it started off it didn't feel very steep but it got steeper until we felt like we were going to fall out! It was scary.

When we got out it was really beautiful

You can see how steep it is

We walked around to the cableway, it was really lush and green

and really epic

Next we went on the cableway, we could see more than on the skyway

We went past these immense mountains

Then we went down the railway again because it was so good, and this time the mist had cleared a bit more and we saw some of the blue!

 hence the reason for the colour of my clothes

Then we did a longer walk around the valley, it was spectacular

I like how ropey these trees are

and the leaves of these trees

This tree was massive, we couldn't see the top

 The mist had cleared quite a bit at this point:

This was a giant termite nest 

All in all it had a bad start but the railway and the walk made it into a great day!

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