Surfing at Surfer's Paradise!

Today we went to Surfer's Paradise, we'd waited a while to go there because the weather has been a bit cloudy, but today was scheduled to be sunny so we took the bus to the beach. By the time we got there it had reached a scorching 39 degrees!

Surfer's Paradise is definitely in my top three places we've been to so far in Australia, I love that the skyscrapers are on the beach, I love the city and I love the beach so when they get together and make a baby it's beautiful:

We had to get some suncream, top up our go cards (bus cards) and go to the chemist - I have a mozzie bite on my ankle that has made my ankle swell up and become a cankle (calf and ankle).

Then we went back to the beach and on a whim decided to go surfing!!

Where better to go surfing for the first time than Surfer's Paradise??

Now from our experience with boardsports:



We know that Tanbay is a boardsport God at them and I am the jester of them.. (What can I say? If I can't hit someone in the face it's not a fun sport.)

So we predicted that Tanbay would be great and I wouldn't be, and we weren't disappointed! 

Okay maybe I'm a bit harsh on myself, I was definitely better than I am on a skate or a snow board, I actually managed to stand up!

First they showed us on the sand how to get onto the board, then we practised it in the water. I managed to do it the first time but it was a fluke, after that I kept falling off!

Next they showed us two ways to stand up: a quick jumpy way and a slower slidey way. 

I was still having trouble actually getting on the board and catching the wave at the same time. So I had to get on the board and one of the guys had to push me off at the right moment. Then it was down to me to slide my way up. I found standing up a lot easier than getting on, but every time I stood up I was so pleased I fell off. Tbay took to it like a duck to water and did amazingly. 

Right at the end I managed to actually surf, which felt awesome! 

Unfortunately we don't have any photos of our first experience surfing, but I do have a photo of how tired we were after two hours surfing: 

On the way back the awesome sunshine turned into an awesome storm!

We will try to go surfing again sometime this week, and we'll get some photos then, but for now you'll have to content with a picture of my new best friend:

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