Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Our friends Kerry and Bryan spoilt us by taking us to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It's the largest koala sanctuary in the world, and was voted in the top ten of best zoos.

First on the menu was the flying foxes: 

Next we got to see a platypus for the first time. It was smaller than we expected (unlike the kangaroos, koalas, wombats and tazmanian devils which were all a lot bigger than we expected). It looked like a crazy cross between a mole, a duck and a seal. It moved really quickly in the water so it was hard to take good pictures. Kerry saved the day with this beauty:

Here is a platypus skeleton, it really looked fake: 

I really liked the platypus and want one as a pet please. So did Winston Churchill, and in WW2 he demanded one! Platypusses (Platypi?) get really stressed so it's really hard to transport them, but a special ozzie managed to get one accustomed to sea life, and managed to train some seamen to look after the platypus. They managed to get the plat all the way to very near Liverpool, where the ship got bombed. Dam Nazis. 



Then came one of my other ‘top ten photos of us in Oz’ WE GOT TO HOLD A KOALA! It was amaazzingg. It really clawed me trying to grab onto my skin, but it was so soft and cute it made up for it. Brian really kindly took a photo of us having our photo taken, which was actually better than the professional one..

this is the 'professional' one, flash is not my friend.

I thought this sign was hilar, I’m not sure why now – it was probably a koala high:

This is a photo of a wombat, they really are the most ugly things in the world:

We got to see and touch red kangaroos for the first time ever, they are a lot softer than grey kangaroos so I like them more.

Tanbay feels really awkward in this photo: 

What's that you're saying? You want to see more kangaroo photos? Oh okay, if you insist: 

awkward pat:

Okay that's enough. Here's a lizard: 
lizards love me

This is a golden possum:

This lady had a bird in her hand so we got a picture taken with her:


It was also the first time that we’d seen a dingo:


Next was the Perentie, the Australian's largest lizard: 

We went to a birds of prey show. I’ve been dragged to a lot of these shows by an unnamed male parent (ha) so I wasn’t that bothered about going, but Tanbay had never been to one and was very excited about it. He liked it loads. An owl ate an entire mouse which was great. 

happy weasel

Next we went to the sheep show, if we’d been on our own we might not have bothered going to it, but I’m so glad we did! It was so interesting and amazing the way the dog can control the sheep. The dog was a kelpie which is a cross between an English sheep dog (to get the sheep controlling gene) and an Australian dingo (to get the ‘copes with Australian climate’ gene), again my mind was blown, that’s so logical I love it.

We watched the guy shear one of the sheep. He had a special harness for his back which we (stupidly) thought was for the sheep. It didn’t take him that long to shear it and you can get about $2.50 for the skin:

This sign is fantastic:

It was definitely one of our favourite days in Queensland, and Australia in general really. We’re so grateful that Kerry and Brian took us there, they really are wonderful people.

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