Kayaking in Brisbane

Today we went back into Brisbane to go kayaking.

First we needed lunch, we were going to go to McDonalds (they call it maccas here) because it’s cheap, but then we passed an even cheaper Japanese place which serves okonomiyaki – something Tanbay’s always wanted to try.

I don’t actually have a picture of it, just a picture of him with a deep fried sausage that came with it:

Then we walked for half an hour to get to Riverlife, here's some of the things we saw on the way: 

The Business District: 

The Manatee:

The Traditional British Pub: 

Story Bridge: 

He didn't want to have his picture taken at story bridge - it was really hot..

We walked over Story bridge, I remembered my fear of heights:

It was pretty windy and easy to fall into the river and die. 

But again we survived, and we finally found riverlife. The staff were really great. They asked if we'd kayaked before, we said yes even though we hadn't since we were about 10. Which was fine. 

This is me rocking the lifejacket look:

our trusty steeds: 

The guy took a great picture of us, I really love this picture, it's one of my favourite from the whole trip, it shows what was really happening (how sunny it was, how happy we are and how tanned my legs had become over the last couple of weeks). Plus we didn't think we'd get one of us both in the water!

We kayaked up the river for about an hour. The river was really salty and muddy. When the cruise boats went past it was really tough! But we have finally found a sport (other than kickboxing) that I am naturally better than Tanbay at! 



Tanbay is better than me at tennis, running, trampolining, badminton, football, cycling, swimming, throwing, catching, walking etc. To be fair pretty much everyone is, but he is A  LOT better than me, because he's German engineered ;). So it was great to find a sport that I was faster at. Go kickboxing arms. 

We decided to do kayaking over going on a cruise along the river and I'm really glad we did.

Here you can see how much river water I got on my butt: 

We then walked a different way back which took 50 minutes. 

I'm not sure what Tanbay said here, but I can tell it was cheeky as I'm running at him. It also looks like I've peed myself but it's just river!


It was another great day, but again exhausting. In total we walked for about 2 and a half hours plus we kayaked loads. 

We love Brisbane!

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