Ah Adelaide, I feel like we misjudged you. Adelaide was the second city in Australia that we visited after Melbourne and since there is so much going on in Melbourne and we loved it so much, we were a little disappointed with Adelaide.

Looking back at it though, there is still a lot of good things to be said about Adelaide:

Adelaide Central Market
These were better than the Queen Victoria ones in Melbourne, in fact if I think enough about it, these are probably the best markets we've ever been to, they have every kind of fruit and veg possible and it's well organised. There's also coffee shops, cake shops and asian shops! Places to buy lovely lunch and souvenir shops, and it's all under one convenient location.

Antique Market

Never have I ever seen so many things under one roof, they have absolutely everything there from nazi memorabilia to stuffed teddies. You could spend days in there and I recommend that you do. As a young country (in Western terms) Australia doesn't have very many 'old things', and I think all the old things that they have live here. So go for it! (Situated opposite the Adelaide Central Market.) 

The Food
We were lucky enough to be invited to Windy Point Restaurant, which I can't give enough justice to with my mediocre language skills. Each course was heavenly, and they thoughtfully made us this to finish off:

The view was also fantastic. It was a perfect meal. 

A short tram drive away from Adelaide is Glenelg which, like St Kilda, is a cute little sea side town. Again the beach wasn't fantastic as we were there in September and it was cold, but there is one thing there that will, I'm sure, be good all year round - the food at Ambient. I had a kangaroo steak there and it was to die for! I've had kangaroo once before in the shape of a burger in England, it was vile. This was absolutely perfect though, cooked medium rare (as it should be) with an amazing sauce. Delicious. 

South Australian Museum 
Not the most impressive Musuem I've ever been to, but there we're three things I really liked:
Whale bones:


Largest ammonite in Australia (3m):

But other than that it wasn't the best.

So there you have it, compared to Melbourne, Adelaide is poop, but compared to Brisbane, Perth and Canberra, Adelaide is amazing!!

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