A Tour of Kangaroo Island

Today we got up early to go on a tour of KI, for the first three days we'd stayed in Kingscote, there is no public transport on KI and everywhere is too far to walk to.

Anyway we got up early:

The hostel guy was telling us there was no need to be out so early as the tour buses are always late, and then the tour bus rolled up. Ha 

The bus actually dropped us off at Emu Ridge where we learnt that Emus get squeezed to make emu juice and it's great for curing everything, including cancer. You go emus. 

We even got to meet an emu: the guy said that they used to call her 'the bitch' because she toed her husband to death, but then Julia Gillard became Prime minister of Australia and they renamed her Julia.. 

The emu guy talked to us, he was a bit of a douche: sexist, racist you name it he had it. He did say that KI used to be one of the richest places in Australia but it's now one of the poorest!
who knew. 

After a half hour of his ramblings the next bus came and picked us up, it was completely full and Tbay and I had to sit separately. You know I hate that ;)

But our first stop was Seal Bay and it was gorgeous!

These seals were actually Sea lions, though to me they looked like the other seals we'd seen. 

This photo below was taken through the grates that you can see in the photo above. I'm really proud of this photo, it looks like I edited it or something but I didn't and I love it. 

We were allowed onto the beach: 

It was great to see the sea lions up close, but like the back packing this was really the first time we'd been with other 'tourists'. They are actually pretty annoying, they shove and try to get in the front, and it brings out a really horrible competitive side of me...

But the plus side of it was we finally had someone to take a picture of the both of us!!

we saw a lizard!

We got back on the coach before anyone else (competitive Laura) and sat in two seats together where there were no personal belongings on the seat or above, but the woman who got on afterwards was like 'omgg they sat in our seats lalala' even though she still sat with her partner.. She didn't even say it to our faces it was really lame. It's also lame I can still remember that, but I think you should know because it reminded me how annoying people are.

So next we found wild koalas, which was great but we'd done that on our own which was better:

Next we went to Flinder's Chase park, it's bigger than Singapore!

Then was the best part of our day: the Remarkable Rocks.

They were really remarkable

We had a great time, the driver said we only had ten minutes at the site and if we weren't back in time he'd leave without us so we literally ran round the sight. Lots of the 'older' members of the group didn't even bother going down to the rocks because they knew they wouldn't get back in time, so we had more pressure to be back in time. 

The rocks have been shaped by wind, sea and rain for over 500 million years and they are red because of the lichen.

it was pretty windy

There are signs warning you not to slip off the side into the sea, but the signs are halfway down the slip, so once you've seen them it's too late I think. 

ah they were so remarkable though, it was even better than seeing seals I think, they look pretty Australian and I love them. Well done rocks.

Next we went to see Admirals Arch:

Again it was spectacular and this time there was no time limit so everyone had a look:

Then we saw a black tiger snake! They are really venomous, I heard they are the fifth most venomous in the world, but it might have been in Australia? Either way pretty dangerous stuff

It actually went past this seal and I thought it had killed it, but the seal was still breathing so I guess it wasn't dead. 

This is the first ozzie sign I've seen where the animal it's warning you about was right next to the sign! 

It was a very good day, if I'd had hindsight (and more confidence) I would have driven across the island, everything that we saw was amazing, but the other tourists were really annoying. We did meet some Queenlanders though who were really kind which made up for it. 

All in all the remarkable rocks were so remarkable, admirals arch was awesome and all the sea lions and snakes were sexy. This was one of our top five days in Australia and I'm so glad we got to go to Kangaroo Island! 
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