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Quick Guide To Australia For First Timers

Australia! The land down under. And a massive one at that!! Planning a trip there can be daunting, so we've written a quick guide to get you started. Hopefully by the end of this you'll have a mini plan formed: aka where you want to go and why!

Australia was actually the first country we ever travelled to, we stayed for nine months and loved it! We know you're going to love it too, so let's get started :)

Where to go in Australia

At nearly 7.7 million km², Australia is absolutely gigantic, the easiest way to look at it is by its states (and territories). Each state has its own capital, personality, and pros and cons: 


Capital: Sydney
Go for the: Opera House
Stay for the: Nightlife 
Watch out for the: Sydney Funnel Web Spider (find out more about how to avoid nasty Australian animals here) 
Must not miss: Bondi Beach

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Capital: Melbourne
Go for the: Great Ocean Road
Stay for the: Hipster art scene in Melbourne
Watch out for the: weather - it gets really cold in winter (aka our summer, May - September)
Must not miss: Hosier Lane 

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Capital: Brisbane
Go for the: Great Barrier Reef, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Stay for the: Surf scene
Watch out for the: jellies 
Must not miss: Gold Coast 

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Capital: Adelaide
Go for: The wildlife
Stay for: Adelaide's super sophisticated food and wine scene
Watch out for the: kangaroos and koalas - not that they're dangerous, they're awesome we saw loads of wild ones in South Australia :) 
Must not miss: the Barossa and Kangaroo Island 


Capital: Perth
Go for the: Weather
Stay for the: Deserted beaches
Watch out for the: Drop bears.. but not really there are no wild koalas in Western Australia :O 
Must not miss: Ningaloo Coast


Capital: Darwin
Go for: Ayer's Rock
Stay for: Authentic Australia
Watch out for the: crocs 
Must not miss: Ayer's Rock


Capital: Hobart
Go for the: eery, magical, beautiful forests 
Stay for the: eery, magical, beautiful forests
Watch out for the: cannibals! Lol jokes 
Must not miss: those forests


Capital: this is actually the capital of Australia!!
Go for the: Parliament
Stay for the: museums
Watch out for the: politicians 
Must not miss: walking on top of the Parliament house 

Where to stay in Australia
Nowadays we mostly work with hotels or stay in long-term airbnbs, but back in the day, when we first started to travel, we managed to afford it by house sitting! 

We travelled all over Australia for nine months, and didn't pay for accommodation once. Australia is very expensive, and we could have never stayed so long otherwise. Thus I recommend that you look into house sitting in Australia a guide for first time house sitters

So there you have it, a quick overview of Australia, hopefully this has helped you to start planning your own dream trip to Australia - let us know in the comments below! 

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