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5 Reasons To Go To Costa Rica

Do you have a bucket-list? Is Costa Rica on your bucket-list yet? Costa Rica is very, very high on ours for lots of reasons, here are just a few of them:

Costa Rica is a small rain-forested country in central America (simply put: below Canada, the US and Mexico, but above Brazil, Peru and Colombia). 

Its capital is San José, its currency Costa Rica colón and its language is Spanish.

There are thousands of reasons people want to visit Costa Rica, here are five of them:

1. Animals

You guys might know already that we are crazy animal lovers, we love all animals of all shapes and sizes (and it's actually why we started one of our other websites). 

Costa Rica is a dream for any animal lover, it's a tiny country but it has a hell of a lot of biodiversity: sloths, tapirs, sea turtles,  monkeys, reptiles, frogs and even jaguars! We'd love to see these animals in the wild in their natural habitats. 

Even birds, which we're not that into, look incredible in Costa Rica - they seem to come in every single colour imaginable!

2. Nature

It makes sense that a country with such awesome wildlife has equally awesome nature scenes. 25% of Costa Rica is protected areas and there are mountains, volcanos, rain-forests, lakes, waterfalls and so much more waiting to be explored by us, and you!

Costa Rica actually has 14 known volcanos, six of which have been active in the past 75 years - colour me excited! Some people are put off by active volcanos, but for me it just adds to the excitement.

3. Volunteer

Whether it's volunteering to help said wildlife or volunteering to help disadvantaged Costa Rican children, Costa Rica has a volunteering program ready for you. 

One of the biggest lessons we've learnt travelling the world is that we should do as much as humanely possible to help out others, and thus we always try and volunteer in some way or another in every country we go to. Costa Rica will be no exception. 

4. Learn Spanish 

You might know that we're a little bit obsessed with languages: we are a bilingual couple (German and English) who have recently decided to learn Hungarian. We love learning Hungarian or indeed any language. We have a sneaky feeling that after learning Hungarian learning Spanish will be a walk in the park! And what better place to practice Spanish than a Spanish speaking country? It's fate!

5. Cool accommodation

Instagram has shown as that when it comes to cool accommodation, Costa Rica has it covered (incidentally, are you following us on Instagram?) Cool eco-huts, breathtaking luxury hotels, even wacky Airbnbs, Costa Rica has a lot to offer on the accommodation front.

Even house sitting (something we used to do when we first started travelling), is very popular in Costa Rica with many expats wanting someone to look after their pets and homes. 

So there you have it, can you be obsessed with a country before you've even gone there? Because if you can we are obsessed with Costa Rica. It looks so beautiful and fascinating and we can't wait to go their ourselves!

What about you? Have we convinced you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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