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The Westin Tokyo: 5-Star Luxury in Japan

Looking for the best place to stay in Tokyo, Japan? Look no further, you've found 5-star luxury at the Westin Tokyo.

We stayed there for three nights, and this is what we thought:


Check-in at the Westin occurs in a gorgeous, luxurious entrance hall. It's very grand and when we were there, there were the most beautiful flowers. 

Our check-in was swift and my gosh were the staff polite! I don't think we've ever been to a hotel where the staff were so polite and friendly!

Our Room

Our room was spacious, bright and comfortable. We slept so well in the bed and the shower was amazing. 

But our absolute favourite thing about our room was the view. It was incredible, you could see the whole of Tokyo, including the famous Tokyo Tower!

There was also a great view of the park:


Breakfast was beautiful and there were many options. It was a buffet-type breakfast that included all the usuals like breads, pastries, cereals, cooked breakfast, fresh fruit, juice, coffee and more. But it went further, there was grapefruit (my favourite) and some traditional Japanese favourites too! 

Westin Executive Club Lounge
For guests staying at the Westin we highly recommend that you take the opportunity for true luxury and make sure you get a place at the Executive Lounge. Located on the 17th floor, here you can enjoy light refreshments throughout the day, pre-dinner drinks and hors d'oeuvres. And it doesn't stop there, you can also have access to drinks on the top floor at Victors. 

Light refreshments

What the Westin Tokyo considers as 'light refreshments' we would call High Tea - it was beautiful and luxury! Sweet little cakes and tea all afternoon.  

Pre-Dinner Drinks 

Pre-dinner drinks had what we hoped for: sake. Although sake isn't our favourite drink, we couldn't resist trying it in Japan - and what better place to try it in? 

Pre-drinks were accompanied by hor d'oeuvres: fresh-fruit, beautiful soups, salads and so much more! 

Dinner at the Westin 

Don't fill up too much on hor d'oeuvres though, because you have to have dinner at the Westin. We had the most beautiful, light pasta and delicious avocado sandwiches with chips, paired with a smokey red - perfection!

Cool Japan Summer Package

The highlight of our stay at the Westin Tokyo was the Cool Japan Summer Package. During the summer months you can feel like a Japanese princess or prince. The Cool Japan Summer Package means that you will be shown how to properly dress in a Yukata 

(a Yukata is similar to a kimono but less formal and lighter - for the summer months!)

You can then wear your Yukata to dinner or for drinks (or both like we did)!

Finally you get to take your Yukata home with you - the ultimate Japanese souvenir!

This was such an awesome experience, being dressed in a Yukata made me feel like a princess and being deemed 'Kawaii' (cute) was awesome!! There are lots of different Yukatas to choose from and I was happy with my choice.

We also got to wear (and keep) the traditional Japanese slippers. These are like a cross between super-fancy flip-flops and clogs. 

Walking around the hotel in our Yukatas, guests and staff alike smiled, waved and commented on how awesome we looked. You've got to try this when you go to Japan!!

The Garden

Take a walk around the Westin's garden during your stay - it's stunning, and at nighttime, if you're lucky, you might see fireflies!


The Westin is in a great location, within walking distance are parks, shops (including 711), restaurants - and of course the hotel restaurants themselves. You can also visit the Musuem of Yibisu Beer and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum from here on foot. 

It's also only a 30 minute walk (and just minutes on the metro) to Shibuya Crossing - one of the most iconic spots in the city.

Right next to Shibuya is Yoyogi Park (one of the most tranquil parks I've ever been to); Meiji Shrine (gorgeous) and Harajuku (where all the cosplayers hang out. Not to mention all the coolest shops in the world. 

The Westin is just a five minute walk from the metro, here you can reach all the other main touristy spots in the city quickly and easily including:

Asakusa, where you can spot geishas!

Akihaba - the place for geeks/people into manga and anime

and so much more! 

PLUS! The Westin is the perfect place to stay if you want to take a trip outside of Tokyo: most other places in the city you will have to get a tube to the train station, but the Westin is just a five minute walk from the train station. Perfect!

Here you can take a day trip to Kamakura to see the giant Buddha, the seaside, the bamboo forest and so much more!

How to get to the airport from the Westin
There are a few ways to get to and from the Westin from the airport. There is a bus that picks you up straight from outside. 

If you fancy something fancier try Blacklane - and use the code 624GRVGP for a 10Euro discount. 


All in all, we absolutely loved our stay at the Westin, it was comfortable, luxurious and everything we could have possibly wanted. The staff were so lovely and kind and the food and drinks were beyond delicious. What made our stay extra special though was the Cool Japan Summer Package. You simply have to try this!

To book your own stay, head over to their website or find them on Agoda

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of the Westin, but as always all opinions are our own and we would never ever recommend something we haven't personally tried and loved 

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