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City of Flower and Mystery: Shiraz, Iran

Iran has been at the top of our bucket-list for a very long time, because of its beauty, its food and its fascinating culture and history. 

But instead of writing an article about why we want to go to Shiraz Iran, we called in the experts and asked our friends over at 1stQuest to put this inspiring article together for you and this is what they said: 

City of Flowers and Mystery - Shiraz, Iran

If you're looking for the perfect, memorable vacation and want to travel abroad, put Iran straight to the top of your list. Travelling across Iran is like travelling across history and civilisation. 

With more than 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hundreds of other magnificent, historical and natural sites, you can be assured that you will be visiting a place like no other. 

Shiraz city is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world. It's also one of the top destinations in Iran for foreign tourists and domestic travellers. 

With glorious, ancient monuments of the Persian Empire, spectacular Persian gardens, historical tombs, schools, bazaars, castles and mosques, those who travel to Shiraz experience unforgettable moments like they've never had before.

As one of the major tourist hubs of Iran, travelling to Shiraz and finding your perfect accommodation is very easy with this list of Shiraz hotels. Shiraz hotels are among the most modern hotels in Iran and you can always find exactly what you want, be it luxury of budget accommodation. 

It's also very easy to get to Shiraz from all other major cities in Iran, especially the capital Tehran, by using the wide variety of transportation: flights, trains and buses. 

Visit Famous Tombs of Poets
Hafez Tomb, photo credit: 1stQuest
For Iranians, Shiraz is synonymous to poetry and literature. So begin your stay by visiting the tombs of popular poets Hafez (1315 - 1390) and Saadi (1210 - 1292). Enjoy the historic designs of their tombs and the gardens surrounding these sites.

Visit the Persepolis
Persepolis, photo credit; 1stQuest

If you love history, you must visit Shiraz's relics. Persepolis or Takht-e Jamshid (518 BC) and Pasagadae (6th century BC) are two of the most outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites and indeed two of the world's most stunning ancient sites and they are located just outside of Shiraz. Both were the capitals of the Achaemenid Empire. Their urban planning and architecture reflect the glory of the ancient, civilised Persian Empire. 

Explore the Persian Gardens
Eram garden - photo credit 1stQuest

Exploring Shiraz's beautiful gardens is like exploring paradise on earth. That's the essence of the famous Persian Garden designs which date back to 6th century BC and resemble paradise elements.

Head to the Eram Garden, Golshan Garden (also Afif Abad Garden), Nazar Garden and Narenjestan Garden - the most beautiful gardens in the city and enjoy their stunning scenery of old trees and outstanding mansions.

Visit the colours dancing in Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque
Are you an early bird? You should try to be in Shiraz. At least so you can see the breathtaking scenery of sunlight shining through colourful stain-glass windows of the Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque (also known as the Pink Mosque) from the 19th century. Its interior designs have made it one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.

Explore the Vakil Bazaar
Vakil Bazaar (11th century) with its vaulted brick avenues and traditional stores is one of the main historic bazaars in the city. Feeling lost in its labyrinth of stores is like feeling lost in a wonderful historic dream. Therefore, forget the time and direction, explore the bazaar and mix with friendly locals and enjoy its amazing atmosphere. All kinds of Persian carpets, spices, herbs and handicrafts can be found in this bazaar. 

How do I get a visa to travel to Iran?
Ostensibly, getting a visa to travel to Iran seems like it's going to be near impossible, especially for those from the UK, US, Canada, Somali, Bangladesh, Jordan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but don't worry, we have everything you need to know in this separate post: How Do I Get a Visa to Travel to Iran?

Final thoughts
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Disclaimer: this post is brought to you by our friends at 1stQuest, as always all opinions are Travelling Weasels own and we would never recommend anything we didn't believe in. 

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