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14 Luxury, Breathtaking Places to Stay Around the World

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14 Luxury, Breathtaking Places to Stay Around the World

Fancy adding some luxury to your bucket-list? Don't worry we've got you covered with this list of 14 luxury, breathtaking places to stay around the world. From Australia to Portugal and back again via Thailand, we've compiled a list which includes everything from hammocks to 5 star hotels. So sit back, relax and start adding these places to your wish list:

1. This Glamping Paradise In Slovenia
luxury slovenia

BIG BERRY is a beautiful glamping camp in Slovenia that offers 'Luxury of Freedom'.  Imagine lounging on one of their outdoor beds on a hot European summer's day, before taking a dip in the Kolpa River which runs lazily past camp: 

And if outdoor loungers aren't really your style, don't worry, BIG BERRY can cater for your needs with their luxury, designer mobile homes. To find out more about BIG BERRY, visit their website: bigberry.eu or read our full review of BIG BERRY glamping camp

2. On This Four Poster Bed In Thailand Which Is Straight Out Of a Fairytale

The Panviman Chiangmai Spa Resort Thailand, is a gorgeous hotel tucked away in the mountainous jungle terrain of the Mae Rim Valley. Panviman in Thai translates to 'as if you were in heaven'. You will be spoilt for choice as to where to nap: next to a peaceful waterfall? On your luxurious balcony? Or maybe next to one of their three infinity pools. 

To find out more read our Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort Review

And for up-to-date rates and availability click here: hotels.com

3. In a Heavenly Italian Vineyard After Some Divine Food 
A photo posted by Tanbay + Laura (@travellingweasels) on

As the old saying goes: 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in Italy, you've got to make sure you stay somewhere with a vineyard view.' *NB I might be embellishing a little here*  

We managed to find our heavenly vineyard in a beautiful little town on the east coast of Italy by house sitting! Now you can't have this particular house sit, but there are plenty of Italian house sits available on our favourite house sitting website. Browse here for the latest and greatest house sits in Italy

And if you find something you like, have a 10% discount off Trusted Housesitters by clicking that link!

4. Underneath The Northern Lights In a Finnish Igloo 
finland bucketlist
Photo credit: Kakslauttanen.fi

Is there a better way to enjoy Finland than lying back in a cosy igloo, watching the Northern Lights roll by? We can't imagine that there is, so we've put Kakslauttanen very high on our bucket-list. 

For up-to-date rates and availability find them on: TripAdvisor | Agoda

5. At The Top Of a Clocktower In The Heart Of London  
must say place london airbnb
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Is there anything more British than a clock tower? Perhaps, BUT St Pancras Clock Tower is one of the coolest clock towers in the UK and thanks to Airbnb you can stay in it!! 

Airbnb is a great online platform which lets people rent out their properties and spare rooms to guests from around the world. But it's not just run-of-the-mill apartments, it's anything from lighthouses to clock towers! 

airbnb discount coupon

You can find the bucket-listed clock tower here:  London clock tower and if you're new to Airbnb we can offer you a $32 discount coupon for Airbnb!

6. In The Middle Of An Organic Orange Grove In Portugal 
luxury place portugal

Portugal is one of the most spectacular countries in Europe: it's sunny, abundant with beautiful beaches and delicious cheap foods. 

We found heaven on earth at another house sit, set in the Algarve with it's own orange grove. You can browse here for the latest Portuguese house sits and again if you'd like a 10% discount off Trusted Housesitters, click that link 

7. At The Luxurious Dedon Island Resort, Philippines
philippines bucket list
Photo Credit: Dedon Island Resort 

Dedon Island Resort is a luxury resort on the south-eastern tip of the palm-fringed island of Siargao in the Philippines. Your naps will know no bounds here, though you may have a problem choosing where to snooze first: the comfortable resort or the soft, clean beaches?

For up-to-date rates and availability find them on TripAdvisor | Agoda

8. On a Chic House Boat With a Can't-Be-Beat View Of The Eiffel Tower
luxury place paris

Back to Airbnb, how do you fancy a house boat parked right next to the Eiffel Tower? This is the most romantic, cosy place to have a snooze with your loved one in Paris.

Our first ever Airbnb experience was in Paris and you can read all about it here - Review: our first stay with Airbnb

You can book this bucket-list place to stay in Paris right now and don't forget your your $32/£25 Airbnb discount coupon

9. Next To The Pool On The Costa del Sol, Spain
luxury place spain

The Costa del Sol translates to 'the Sunshine Coast' - what better place could there be to sleep in the sun?

We found our perfect siesta on our Costa del Sol house sit, in a house with two pools located a stone's throw from the beach!

Spanish house sits are perfect for newbie house sitters as there are a lot of house sits in Spain, if you find one you like, don't forget your 10% house sitting discount coupon!

10. At The Best Hotel Near Angkor Wat To Enjoy An Unforgettable Sunrise  
luxury place angkor wat

Seeing the sunrise at Angkor Wat is an absolute must. It's an out-of-this-world experience that you cannot miss!

We recommend that when you visit Angkor, you stay at The Pavillon D'Orient, as they provide lots of special extras to make your Angkor Wat trip unmissable, including providing a free tuk-tuk driver to take you to and around the temples!

To find out more read our full review of the Pavillon D'Orient

For up-to-date rates find them on TripAdvisor | Agoda | Expedia 

And for further information check out our Ultimate Guide to Angkor Wat.

11. At This Place In Ireland Which Will Take You Back To School (and in time)
luxury place ireland

Headford House in Ireland is a unique place for you to stay. This is actually a school with space for up to 60 people!

Again you can find Headford House on Airbnb.

airbnb coupon discount

12. On a Breathtaking Deserted Beach In Australia 
luxury place australia

Australia has over 10,000 beaches, most of them near-deserted and all of them begging you to sleep on them. 

We found plenty of perfect and breathtaking beaches in Australia when we house sat there. Like Spain, Australia is perfect for newbie house sitters as there are lots of house sits in Australia. In fact there are so many, we comfortably house sat there for nine months (eight different sits).   

If you fancy signing up to Trusted House Sitters, we can give you 10% off!

And if Australia will be the first place that you're house sitting in, we (humbly) recommend this awesome ebook: House Sitting in Australia, a Guide for First Time House Sitters

13. At The Best Hotel In Budapest After a Relaxing Spa Date
place to stay buapest

Budapest is known as the city of spas which by definition means it's a luxury and breathtaking place, but what better place is there to stay in the city than in the best hotel in Budapest?

The Aria Hotel is not only Hungary's only musical themed hotel, it's also ranked as the #1 hotel in Budapest on TripAdvisor!

To find out more check out our full review of the Aria Hotel.

For up-to-date rates and availability find them on TripAdvisor | Agoda | Expedia 

And for further information check out our full guide to the best of Budapest

14. Inside a Treehouse In Germany Which Would Make Even Tarzan Jealous
germany luxury

The 'hotel of a thousand stars' in Germany looks like an absolute dream and we've added it straight to the top of our bucket-list!

Bonus: On a Lazy Hammock In Thailand 
luxury place thailand

One more unmissable place to take a nap in was on our favourite beach in Thailand - a private beach only available for guests of the Alisea Boutique Hotel and Ao Nang Cliff Beach. Find out more by reading our reviews about them: (Alisea,  Ao Nang Cliff) or find them on TripAdvisor

So there you have it, 14 luxury, breathtaking places to stay around the world! Our speciality is luxury accommodation, be it through house sitting, Airbnb or nice hotels, so you can count on us to find you the hot spots!

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Over to you: what's the most luxury, breathtaking place you've ever stayed in around the world?  

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