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Bangkok's Best Kept Secret: Maduzi Hotel

Maduzi Hotel Bangkok is one of the best boutique hotels in Bangkok. It is located in the trendiest area: Sukhumvit.

We stayed at the Maduzi for two nights and this is what we thought:

Maduzi hotel bangkok check in

There were two things that we loved about check-in: the way that the area was decorated in a traditionally Thai way, and the fact that it was so smooth and quick. The smoothness was definitely down to the fact that the Maduzi is an exclusive hotel, which has a reservation-only policy (this prevents walk-ins and eliminates check-in chaos).

Our room
Maduzi hotel bangkok room

Our room had one of the best layouts we've ever seen. We loved the fact that it just kept on going and going! We also loved how the first thing we saw was the mini-fridge, which had complimentary snacks in it, including (our favourite) coconut water!! 

Maduzi hotel bangkok mini fridge

There was also a beautiful coffee machine with complimentary pods:

Maduzi hotel bangkok coffee machine

The bed was insanely large, we could have comfortably slept widthways in it:

Maduzi hotel bangkok bed

There was also an enormous walk in closet with super comfy dressing gowns.

But our absolute favourite thing was the bathroom: not only was there a fantastic shower, there was a super special bath:

Now we've tried and loved jacuzzis, we've tried and loved infinity pools, but we could never have imagined that there was such a thing as a JACUZZI INFINITY BATH!! 

Maduzi hotel bangkok jacuzzi infinity bath

The water fell elegantly from the ceiling, and over the sides of the bath, and although our gut instinct was to freak out and turn the water off (there's something so wrong about seeing a bath overflow), because of the relaxing bubbles we quickly got used to it and marvelled at the beautiful water flowing over. 

Maduzi hotel bangkok breakfast

Breakfast was delicious with a great selection of Thai, Japanese and French cuisine!

One thing we really noticed about the Maduzi, was that it seemed to know what we were thinking! It was almost like it had taken everything we'd complained about about hotels in the past, and made sure they didn't do it:

For example, our welcome drink was not just anything we wanted, it could also be had at any time! I don't know about you, but when I'm checking-in, sorting out my luggage and settling in, I'm not that interested in having a drink. In fact we had our welcome drink on our second evening!

Maduzi hotel bangkok welcome drinks

The reason for this apparent telepathy, was simple: the lovely owners of the hotel had wisely taken what they find annoying about hotels, and made sure that they didn't include it in their own hotel. This seems obvious, but we've never come across such thoughtfulness in other hotels!

Other benefits included: check-in and check-out at any time which is SUCH an asset!! How many times have you arrived at a hotel too early and had to wait around? Or had to check-out too early and not known what to do with yourself? It's a FANTASTIC idea that works really well (just let them know in advance).

We think that the Maduzi is in the perfect location. Firstly it's in Sukhumvit which is our favourite neighbourhood of Bangkok: it's clean, it's safe and there is some EXCELLENT shopping to be found in this area. 

Secondly the Maduzi is just five minute walk to Asok Station BTS, which is very convenient, not only can you reach almost any part of Bangkok, you can also get to the airport (BKK) easily.

But if you're not interested in going on the tube, it's also a perfect place to take a taxi from AND the very nice staff will help you get one. We actually took a taxi from the Maduzi Hotel to the airport (it was really early), and this was hassle-free thanks to the staff. Furthermore, the journey took less than 25 minutes.

Finally, one of our absolute favourite restaurants in Bangkok is just a two minute walk from Maduzi: May Veggie Home

Further information
For more information, and a proper tour of our room, check out our Daily YouTube video, number 89:

This is without a doubt one of our absolute favourite hotels in Bangkok, not only is the Maduzi stylish and luxurious, they've truly gone out of their way to offer you services that other hotels don't even think of: flexible check in and welcome drink are just a couple of the advantages that they offer. 

Add on to that a great location and a jacuzzi-infinity-bathtub hybrid, and you've really got yourself the perfect hotel!

Book directly on the Maduzi's website: www.maduzihotel.com or find them on Agoda or TripAdvisor. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook!

And to keep up with our own adventures, follow us on Facebook too! 

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Maduzi hotel, however, all opinions are our own, as always. 

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